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What's Paula Wearing?  Alpaca of course!

What's Paula Wearing? Alpaca of course!

We ride motorcycles a lot!  In all kinds of weather...

Tomorrow we are going on a motorcycle trip to Big Bear, California.  The high is supposed to be 52 degrees ( I know, I know 52 doesn't seem like it's very cold but hours and hours of riding in it seeps in to your bones.  lol).  BUT I wont be whining!  What I will be doing is wearing alpaca!  Lots and LOTS of Alpaca!  Good thing I know where to get amazing alpaca products.  :)

To start, I will be wearing alpaca leggings.  I've written about these before.  I love my alpaca leggings.  Not just for women, Men have been wearing our alpaca leggings under their jeans for ultimate in warmth.

Alpaca Leggings  

Then I will be wearing my alpaca knee-hi socks.  I like these socks a lot.  They work well with the alpaca leggings and add an extra layer of warmth in my boots.  If it's extra cold I will put a pair of superwarm alpaca socks on too.  

Alpaca Knee-Hi

Recently I added the alpaca neck gator to my must have motorcycle cold weather riding collection.  I like it better than my alpaca scarf because I don't have to wrap it around and tuck it in my jacket.  Although on extra cold days The extra warmth from the scarf would help keep my torso warm.  


alpaca neck gator

My last MUST have is our Made in the USA Alpaca Knit Lined Cowhide Leather Gloves.  I love these gloves.  The alpaca liner is sooooo soft and sooooo warm!  

Alpaca Knit lined leather gloves made in the USA

We have a lot of amazing alpaca products perfect for cold weather motorcycle riding and other winter sports!  


Paula motorcycle   Paula wears alpaca  

If you have any questions on these or any other alpaca products, let me know.



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