Brian's Picks for a Merry Alpaca Christmas

Use and enjoy alpaca every day!

We dream of, develop, produce and use many of our alpaca products in our daily lives. 

Here are the TOP TEN Alpaca Products that I love! With notes of why.  


alpaca socks superwarm

Superwarm Alpaca Socks

Why I love them:  Sure, we sell them but really, these things ARE THE BOMB! A Superheavyweight alpaca sock, I've worn them in extreme cold and in the oddest places (Arctic circle, Antarctica) and hunting, fishing, snow sports and they just simply are awesome!

I've worn the same pair on a long ski trip for many many days WITHOUT washing them. No problem! They breath, wick and are naturally anti-STINK! You just can't do that with other socks. I still have my original 10+ year old pair. No, you can't have those.   

One of our original products. Made in the USA!



OutdoorAdventure Alpaca Socks

Why I love them: Sometimes the Superwarms are just too, warm. The OutdoorAdventure is your standard heavyweight sock, made from the same outstanding quality yarn. These are my "go to" socks for any cool to cold weather. I have worn the SAME pair on a week long motorcycling vacation, never washing them. I didn't OFFEND! 

We given pairs to friends as a birthday gift.Other friends say they must not "rate" as we haven't given them a pair yet!

They are awesome for cold mornings but warmer afternoons, as I often experience on my motorcycle rides. A wonderful sock!

Made in the USA.



American Traveler Alpaca Socks

Why I love them: This is a new product our customers have asked for over many years. An 80% alpaca sock, this sock is *interesting* to wear. As I type this I'm on day 8 of wearing the same pair! I know, yuk! But not-a-problem! Let me check....nope, still don't stink. This 80% alpaca sock not only feels great and surprisingly warm and comfortable for a medium weight sock, the natural wicking capability of alpaca makes them my new favorites! The American Traveler Alpaca Sock is an excellent daily wear walking sock you can enjoy everyday... and for days :)
A 100% American Sock - Grown and Manufactured in the USA!


Alpaca Bed Blanket

Alpaca Bed Blanket

Why I love them:  I agree with Paula on this one. We got our first blanket in 2013 on our Alpaca Trip to Ecuador.  We have one on our bed, one on the couch, one in the car and one which is mercilessly abused... stuffed into a motorcycle saddlebag then into a camping tent, dirty and smokey from sitting next to a campfire then washed again and again. It a bright beautiful blanket that is very functional. 

Others sell similar products for $100+ more. Our are VERY well priced as we get them for you at a low direct-from-the-source price.


star trek kirk tribble gift

Star Trek Alpaca Tribbles 

Why I love them:  Because I'm a nerd and life long "Trekkie" and having Tribbles made from alpaca is just SO COOL!



Alpaca Watching t-shirt

Why I love them:  We played with what would be a fun design for a different alpaca shirt for a couple of years. Ended up with a bunch of designs, put a number of them out for vote on social media and this one was the most liked.

Called "Alpaca Watching" as its watching you while you're watching it, just like the real sweeties. We wear this comfortable thick tee regularly and you'll see us in them at alpaca shows. Also now available for little kids and also in a soft thick Hoodie!



Iditarod Alpaca Extreme Weather Hat

Why I love them: It took us a while to get this one just the way we wanted it but well worth the wait. Made from soft and warm 100% baby alpaca with a fleece lining, this new product looks, works and feels great! I wear mine pretty regularly and am proud to offer it.



Alpaca Knit Lined Leather Gloves


Why I love them:  Year 8 in the life history of this product. We wanted them for years, sought out many possible providers then finally just decided to develop our own. This Knit-lined "version 2" has been a wonderfully received alpaca lined cowhide leather glove. 

I like wearing mine while cold weather motorcycle riding, in a cold car or just out and about. Tan, Black, Chocolate and Ladies Red options. Nicely supple yet durable leather outer, alpaca liner.
Alpaca liners grown and made in the USA. 


alpaca felt insoles inserts

Alpaca Felt Shoe Insoles / Inserts

Why I love them: I like how a simple product can be so useful. Also, the "3rds" fiber used for making insoles have previously just been tossed as waste items. They work perfectly for this product which offers warmth, wicking, odor control and soft cushioning in any shoe or boot. Easily trimmed to any shape with simple household scissors, I like mine in boots, daily shoes and even in slippers. They keep my feet cozy, block cold from coming up from the floor and are just a neat simple use of alpaca!


100% Baby Alpaca knit neck gator is soft fleece lined for superior warmth and durability.

Alpaca Neck Gator

Why I love them:  This simple fleece lined slim 100% Baby Alpaca knit neck gator is soft fleece lined for superior warmth and durability. I use mine for riding in cold weather. It is very comfortable, warm, moisture wicking and durable. I've had mine for many years and love it. 


Thanks for reading my favorite alpaca items!

Merry Christmas!  -Brian

Paula has a list too of her favorites!

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"Superwarm" Alpaca Socks - Made in the USA Socks
Superwarm Heavy Extreme Alpaca Socks from $ 32.95
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"OutdoorAdventure" Alpaca Socks - Made in the USA Socks
OutdoorAdventure Alpaca Sock from $ 29.95
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100% Alpaca American Traveler All Purpose Alpaca Socks Socks
100% Alpaca American Traveler Socks from $ 21.95
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Alpaca Bed Blanket Blankets
Alpaca Bed Blanket $ 149.95
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Alpaca Fur Tribble Star Trek Toy
Alpaca Fur Tribble Star Trek $ 17.95
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t-shirt: Alpaca Watching Fun Small CoffeeBrown
t-shirt: Alpaca Watching from $ 19.95
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Iditarod 100% Alpaca Beanie Hat Hat Standard Fit Black
Iditarod 100% Alpaca Beanie Hat $ 39.95
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Alpaca Knit Lined Cowhide Leather Gloves - Alpaca Made in the USA Gloves Tan Small
Alpaca Knit Lined Cowhide Leather Gloves - Alpaca Made in the USA $ 64.95
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American Choice Alpaca Foot Warmers - Shoe Inserts - Insoles Socks Medium
American Choice Alpaca Foot Warmers - Shoe Inserts - Insoles $ 16.95
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