PurelyAlpaca - Naturally Unique Clothing and Gifts Since 2002

PurelyAlpaca - Naturally Unique Clothing and Gifts Since 2002

Speedy shipping, hassle-free returns.

Speedy shipping, hassle-free returns

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List and sell your alpaca crafts, fashions and art on PurelyAlpaca.com

PurelyAlpaca supports the alpaca garment industry through education, sales and sponsorship. We welcome original designs from fiber and craft artists which use or promote alpaca fiber. We also accept alpaca theme gifts.

Types of items we have accepted for sale in the past include:

  • Baby blankets
  • Children's sweaters
  • Children's hats, gloves and mittens
  • Children's socks
  • Adult hats and scarves
  • Toys
  • Unique hand-spun and/or hand-dyed alpaca (or blended) yarn
  • Original artwork in an alpaca theme


  • Clothing products are new
  • The artist will provide an attractive image and description of the item
  • A write-up about you and your work or a URL link to a web page with same to cover questions such as (for a fiber item):
    • How did you get started in working with fiber? How long ago or age?
    • How did you learn to work with fiber/yarn?
    • Do you own alpacas?
    • What attracted you to working with alpaca?
    • What has been your experience with alpaca?
    • What types of fiber art items have you created?
    • What do you hope to create in the future?
  • Products are sold on a consignment basis
  • A 25% commission is charged for listing products once they are sold
  • In most cases the artist will be responsible for shipping the product directly and timely
  • In certain cases we will stock your items and ship directly for you
  • This service is somewhat similar to Ebay, but focuses on alpaca related art and craft creations
  • Each item is individually assessed as to its appropriate content for this site

Feel free to contact us with any questions or suggestions.