100% Alpaca American Traveler Socks

The American Traveler Alpaca Sock

Just wanted to let you know, just got my order and bought the traveler socks to try them out.  Love them!!!!!  I’ve been looking for an everyday sock made in the USA and these are it!.  -Shawnna

I lost my American Traveler socks and really loved them so much I had to get another couple of pairs! -Charles

These are my FAVORITE socks! We got these in a year ago after a year of prototyping and I've been wearing them pretty much non-stop since then! Winter, summer, whatever. They are surprisingly warm when needed but breath really well when your feet are hot.

Sometimes I even wash them! :)

They're so "odor-phobic" they just keep going and going. I've worn them all through the year. Excellent socks! -Brian, Owner of PurelyAlpaca

An all American 100% alpaca* sock. 

Made in the USA!

After many years of selling alpaca this latest design features so many of the features our customers like: a functional, attractive, durable and comfortable every day alpaca sock.

Made by a 100 year old knitting mill in Pennsylvania since 2006.

Proudly made in the USA

alpaca made in the usa

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100% Alpaca American Traveler Socks
- when you can walk all day in comfort where will you explore?

The American Traveler Alpaca Sock is designed for light comfortable walking, light hiking, and easily doubles as an attractive daily wear/office/work sock. 

It may turn out to be the only sock you ever wear!

With the natural moisture wicking and odor resistant features of this alpaca sock you may find you can wear them a LONG time!

The American Traveler Alpaca Sock features a small dense soft terry loop interior for cushioned comfort without bulk, a tall comfortable top for a gentle yet good grip (no slouching), reinforced heal and toes and a strong double plated construction for long wear and to support you during long walks or on your feet all day. 

American Traveler Alpaca Sock details


  • Higher over-the-calf boot length sock
  • Terry loop interior for added insulative warmth and cushion
  • Tight ribbing for strong yet comfortable fit
  • Gentle leg support
  • Extra reinforced on sole, toes & heel
  • High warmth and comfort of an 100% Alpaca sock!
  • Naturally alpaca colored, no dyes needed!
  • Designed for long use
  • Excellent at wicking away foot moisture
  • Naturally hypo-allergenic and odor resistant


Small 7-9  - currently these are the previous batch with 80% alpaca yarn
Medium 9-11 (most women) 
Large 10-13 (most men)
XL (men with shoe size 12.5 and up)
* Note: size numbers are sock sizes, not shoe sizes. 
For reference, the Large size height is approx 17" from mid heal to top of sock.

Why do socks and shoes have different sizing?..one of those weird garment industry things.... Please see our sizing chart to see the sock size for your shoe size.

Color: Heathered-RoseBrownGray

*Materials: Made with 100% Alpaca yarn knit onto a nylon frame for added structural support.

Suggested Care: These socks contain a very high percentage natural fiber and could shrink if abused in the dryer. Best approaches: Turn inside out, gentle wash and lightly/partially dry then air dry; or when travelling, hand wash in hair shampoo in room temp water, rinse, roll in a towel to absorb most water then sit out to air dry.  (See Best Care for Alpaca Products).

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