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Speedy shipping, hassle-free returns


Repair Your Damaged Heirloom Alpaca Item  



Do you have a treasured knit or woven alpaca sweater, scarf or shawl which has been damaged?

We understand how upsetting it can be to have such a thing happen. Alpaca fiber is strong but any garment can be damaged. But you can take it out of the closet or drawer, PurelyAlpaca can help you repair your item with our "Purely Restored" alpaca product repair service!

We work with respected professionals who have been performing repair magic for over 40 years. Your valuable but damaged item can yet again be a treasured heirloom piece.

Here are some of the problems we can fix:

  • Torn fabric
  • Pulls or Snags
  • Burn Holes
  • Moth or Silverfish Holes
  • Pet Chewing Damage
  • Unraveling
  • Fading
  • Stains or Spots

HOW DO WE DO IT? Through a process of "reknitting", yarn from the same garment is used to repair holes. In a majority of the cases you will not be able to find the repair when the work is completed. All repairs are done by meticulously by hand. For stains or faded items, Spot Dying can be performed for a complete restoration.

The cost of repair starts at only $20 for a small hole. Larger repairs cost more but not as much as you might have thought.

Reweaving and garment alteration services are also available.

Feel free to contact us at repairs@purelyalpaca.com  (preferred over calling) with any questions. We look forward to helping you restore your cherished alpaca item.

"THANK YOU! The entire process took approx 3 wks +/-, the cost was $40. I was more concerned with the quality of the repair than the speed and was impressed with the repair itself. Don't use the scarf frequently but during the late fall and winter months I do. As long as the repair( size of a dime) doesn't unravel It was worth the wait. Galia is a personable pro, I appreciate that, hard to find that these days. Thanks again."

For other product care related information (cleaning, shrinkage, etc.), see our FAQ