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Superwarm alpaca socks flyer from manufacturer

How to keep feet and toes warm with alpaca socks

A customer asks...

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Looking for some  information on some socks. I am still trying to find something that keeps my toes warm while hunting. I find after a few hours my toes are freezing . I have tried lots of different socks and am always left disappointed and with cold toes. Would any of the alpaca socks be any different? I don't think I am going to find anything that works for me. Especially since once the temp drops to a certain temperature my feet are cold even indoors. I think once i put socks on my feet sweat a bit and that does me in. I even tried the sock liners with no luck. 


  That’s a great question and something we’ve wanted to write a BLOG post about for a while now. 

For cold feet and especially toes there’s a number of ways alpaca can help. If you combine alpaca with the tips here you’re have a bulletproof solution and warm comfortable feet.

Starting at the extreme end of the warmth spectrum, use our SUPERWARM (that’s the name) Super-Heavyweight alpaca socks. The Superwarm is a sock we developed in 2005 and it has been a top seller ever since.

 Superwarm, in 4 sizes and colors Black, Cocoa Brown or Grey (shown).

The Superwarm features a LOT of alpaca yarn! It’s still the thickest and heaviest extreme weather alpaca socks out there, often weighing in at TWICE the weight of what others sell as a heavyweight sock. But there’s more to the Superwarm then just a lot of alpaca. The Superwarm design takes maximum advantage of alpaca’s naturally strong, hollow core insulation properties by  using a substantial cushioning layer made up of terry loops of yarn on nearly the entire inside of the sock. The design has your foot, toes and ankles surrounded by a gentle cushion of warm air on all sides.  All the while, each hollow core alpaca fiber is doing its own natural insulating as part of the whole.

 Inside terry loop interior of the Superwarm alpaca socks Zoomed up image of the inside of the Superwarm alpaca sock showing full coverage of terry loops for maximum insulation and soft cushioning.

To make the Superwarm work its absolute best, your foot needs room to be warm. Although the Superwarm is BIG it will still fit in most boots. But if your boots are snug without the Superwarm, you’ll want a bigger boot otherwise you’re reducing the capacity of the sock to make an incredible difference in your comfort.  You should able to at least wiggle your toes and not feel like your boot is trying to crush your foot. With enough room, that cushion of warm air the Superwarm provides will give your feet maximum comfort and warmth. Also, with room the alpaca in the Superwarm will naturally wick away any foot moisture that could occur in your boot, keeping your feet comfortably dry as well as warm.

Still want more? The next alpaca product level would involve a perhaps non-intuitive item we offer. It is often overlooked for cold weather activities but is quite useful. Alpaca Shoe Inserts/Insoles are a cushioning pad of 100% alpaca fiber which compliments  in conjunction with the Superwarm.The alpaca insoles offer 3 advantages:

  1. A warm insulating layer to keep the cold from coming up from the ground to your foot
  2. A nice ¼” thick cushioning layer which will conform to your foot and offer additional foot support and comfort
  3. An added foot moisture wicking mechanism to disperse away foot moisture to keep your feet both warm and dry.

Alpaca shoe inserts / insoles Alpaca shoe insoles / inserts

Lastly, here’s a non-product trick snow skiers and others use which we highly recommend. Heat your boot on the inside before your put them on. If not possible then at least make sure they are not cold when you first put them on. Good ski resorts have mounted heaters, like hair dryers, that let you set your boot on them to get your boots nice and toasty before putting your feet into them. You can do the same at home by using a hair dryer or putting your boots in a warm spot.

We hope these product and approach ideas help you to keep your feet warm, dry and comfortable. If you try our products we would love to hear how it turns out!

Learn more about or purchase the Superwarm: https://purelyalpaca.com/products/superwarm-alpaca-socks-made-in-the-usa

Details on the Superwarm’s design and materials (also linked from page above) here: https://purelyalpaca.myshopify.com/pages/more-about-the-choice-alpaca-products-socks

Testimonials from Hunters, Skiers, Arctic explorers and regular folk on the Superwarm here: https://purelyalpaca.com/pages/see-choice-alpaca-socks-testimonials

To review the insoles: https://purelyalpaca.com/search?type=product&q=insoles

BTW, if the Superwarm looks like it might be TOO MUCH for your needs, we encourage you to look at our other top selling sock, the OutdoorAdventure. The OA is a thick heavyweight sock which follows the same basic principles as the Superwarm, but as a standard heavyweight sock. It’s as popular if not more so than the Superwarm and the right choice for many looking for comfortable feet in cold weather.

OutdoorAdventure heavyweight alpaca socks OutdoorAdventure Heavyweight Alpaca Socks

OutdoorAdventure: https://purelyalpaca.com/products/outdooradventure-alpaca-socks-made-in-the-usa

Thanks again for your question and inspiring us to do this long needed write-up! :) 

Brian Schieber
Customer Service
P.O. Box 308 RAMONA, CA 92065
877-PURELYA * info@purelyalpaca.com
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