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Speedy shipping, hassle-free returns

1000s Love the Choice Alpaca brand socks! 

Superwarm alpaca socks in Cocoa Brown OutdoorAdventures by the fire in Aspen, CO  choice alpaca outdooradventure socks  choice alpaca slipperbootie socks  
slipeprbootie alpaca socks label  AmericanTraveler 100% alpaca sock

Made in the USA, these socks have been a huge hit since we developed them in 2006.

We believe in these impressive alpaca socks and know, like others who tried them, you will too. 

Brian, the owner, tested them first in some unique environments (in his other life as a Polar Oceanographer, now retired). One of them was in the Arctic on a research trip! Here are some pics of Brian and the group out for a break on the Arctic ice cap:


    Brian stands on Water :)

Many customers have reported their experiences with the Superwarm socks. Here are just a few of the testimonials from customers and stores who carry our socks:

  • Dear PurelyAlpaca,
     I wore these socks to the top of Mt Shasta in California – all the way to the top at 14,180 ft!  That is me at the top (center in photo) with two of the mountain guides.  I also wore these socks hiking Mt Algonquin in the adirondacks in NY in February.  The warmest the temperature got that day was -13F at the trailhead with wind chill values at the summit of -35 to -40F!!  On both of these trips my feet never got cold during the hike/climb!

    superwarm extreme alpaca socks on mt shasta   superwarm-Alpaca-socks-algonquin

    I am going to order another size Large for myself and a size Medium for my son (any color is fine) as he is planning to hike with me this February in the Adirondacks during their school break (he’s 11 yrs old).  Being an avid hiker / climber I have used a few different wool (including ragwool) and alpaca socks like yours are definitely the warmest!

    Thank you for making such a great product!  -Marcus P., Niagra Falls, NY

  • Love the socks! -Mark M., Philadelphia, PA

  • As I am currently spending a week in central Alaska, I have realized the sheer warmth of your “superwarm” socks. I have other “expedition” socks but they don’t even come close to keeping my feet as warm as yours do. I am so glad that I bought a pair before I left. Besides keeping my feet warm inside my boots, they are amazing just to wear while lounging around. Thanks for an awesome product.

  • Guys, I love the OutdoorAdventure socks for my long motorcycle trips! After hours on the bike the cold can really get to my feet in colder mornings yet these socks keep me not only warm but cozy-comfy!  And as the temperature goes up in the afternoon, these things breath away the excess heat...my feet are warm but not damp or feel "wet rotted" like with other socks. So I wear them all day, actually sometimes for multple days with no stench! Great stuff, thanks, will be getting more for sure! -David D., Scranton, PA

  • I asked one of my daughters to wear a pair today and she is in love with them.  Wonderful!- Janet W, Ontario, Canada

  • I love these! - Robbin M., Mass.

  • I received the socks..love them! - Bengi K,  Dale, TX

  • Loves the socks in my order! - David L, Vacaville,CA

  • Our customers love these socks!! - Christine G., Cave Junction, OR

  • We contacted you for sample socks this time last year to replace the ___ in our inventory.  You sent them and we were very pleased with what you provided. -Nancy B., Maryland

  • My customers LOVE the socks!! - Patricia H, Oxford, NC

  • I love your products! - Debra M., Weaver, AL

  • Love those socks and the ability to wash and dry them in a dryer. -Darlene N., Wittenberg, WI

  • We found your socks in a special little shop. My boyfriend wears work boots on his feet 12 hours a day. These are the only socks ever found, soft and thick enough , that lasts up to his abuse.. They are worth every penny. - Penny B, Memphis, TN

  • I would just like to let you know that I have ordered for the first time from your Company for my husband for Christmas I ordered a pair of socks. I have ordered two more pair since My Husband Loves these Superwarm Alpaca Socks!  I have ordered alpaca socks from other company's for him and have to tell you my husband says Your's Are the Best. Just wanted to let you know! Thank You. - Connie H, Roseville, MI

  • I recently purchased a pair of the superwarm socks and want you to know they are the warmest socks ever, period! Being an outdoorsman and living in MN during the winter can be tough.  Adding pour circulation in one foot (gunshot accident) makes it even more so.I have to be careful about freezing toes on my left foot but there is no chance of that with these socks. From the first time they were put on I didn’t want to take them off.  I could carry on endlessly but that’s quite enough. Thanks for a superior product.  For what it’s worth, I bought my wife a pair of alpaca socks and she loves them! Well done, keep up the great work. Happy Holidays! -Terrance B.,Bemidji, MN

  • Thank You. These socks help a granny keep her feet warm in winter like NO other socks!  Thanks so much. - Judy F., St Mary's, OH

  • My husband is thrilled with them.  Thanks for a wonderful product and great customer service. - Pat G, Fallmouth, KY

  • First, let me tell you that I'm wearing my new alpaca socks... and I haven't taken them off since I received them yesterday! I bought two pair for my father-in-law for Christmas (and almost didn't give them to him...) Then I snagged a pair each (on-sale, no less) for me and husband. These socks are AMAZING. It's like wearing socks, but not wearing socks. My feet are warm, but not sweaty. And the fibers are oh-so-soft! Temps dipped to 5° last night (are rarity for us here in the mid-Atlantic) and I'm so glad I had my alpaca socks to sleep in. In addition to the awesomeness of the socks-- shipping was way faster than expected (on both orders) :0) - Jessica B., Greensboro, NC

  • I wore your Superwarm Heavy Extreme Alpaca Socks to visit the Polar Bears in Churchill, Manitoba. It was cold, very cold. But my feet were toasty all day. Not cold, not slightly cold, not mildly cold. My feet were outright warm. The socks were incredible. It was a great purchase and I'm very happy with the results. Thank you!
    -Barry H.
  • Thank You.   These socks help a granny keep her feet warm in winter like NO other socks!  Thanks so much. -Judy F., Saint Marys, OH

  • Just spent a week ice fishing on a north Minnesota lake. March 5 - 12. 2017. Temps mostly in single digits. I wore Muck boots with "Superwarm" Heavy extreme Alpaca Socks from Purely Alpaca. I prefer standing on the ice with no shelter enjoying the beautiful views. My feet never got cold...this is a first for me.  At 70+ years I think I found the answer for warm feet on the ice. -Ken G. ,Corcoran, MN
  • My sister visited an alpaca farm on Whidbey Island, Washington and bought me a pair of Outdoor Adventure Alpaca Socks. I wear them for rowing because they are amazingly warm, even on a very cold and wet morning! So I'm buying another pair for myself, and a pair for my husband too :) - Anne S., Seattle, WA
  • I have warn your socks for some years now. I have worn them on hunting trips during blizzards in Wisconsin. I've worn them winter camping in the Upper peninsula of Michigan.  I've worn them snowshoeing in arctic temperatures in Northern Minnesota. 
    Now I wear them in the Mountains in Western Maine.  I have used these socks for every winter activity from ice fishing to X country skiing. 

    My wife keeps borrowing these alpaca socks.  She fell in love with them, too.  Since I'm unwilling to part with any of my sets , I had to buy her very own set.  just to be safe I also bought some alpaca socks for my daughter too.  Thank you for a great product. We are an outdoor activity family. Our family loves them. 

    superwarm sportsman alpaca socks in snow

  • In addition to the "uses" listed in the description, I plan on using them when doing snow removal, either shoveling or snow blowing. Snow removal is a hard job and it's worse with cold feet. -Joseph, Bismark, ND

  • Dear PA,

    I bought two pair of your super warm all alpaca socks for my adventure to Antarctica in February.  One of your staff asked for my sock experience feedback.

    Although, it is summer there then, the temperatures hover around 32 degrees F and less on some days. 

    My socks worked superbly and I wore them singly, no "under-sock". They kept my feet warm, wet or dry in my pacs.

    I and many of my shipmates survived the Polar Plunge into icy Antarctic water, sans socks and all.


    Brad, Durham NC

  • Greetings,

     My name is Kevin Moore and I am a fishing guide in Southeast Wisconsin (on the left in the picture).

    cold weather fishing in superwarm alpaca socks

    We fish in some challenging conditions early and late in the year. Purely Alpaca products really help keep me and my clients warm particularly your Superwarm Extreme socks. Wow !! The first time I held them in a vendor booth at a craft fair this fall I bought 2 pair. Absolutely THE warmest socks available anywhere. I’ve actually taken my boots off to show my clients these amazing socks and they then have placed an order on their phone right there in the boat !!  One of my clients recently place several orders. After getting his -  he then ordered more as gifts and alpaca hats as well.

    Great products -  super fast delivery.

    Guide tested. I can spend all day out in brutally cold weather wearing these foot sweaters.

    Thanks for great products,
    Kevin M., Muskies etc Guide Service, Franklin , Wisconsin

testimonials of Choice Alpaca Socks  

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