PurelyAlpaca - Naturally Unique Clothing and Gifts Since 2002
PurelyAlpaca - Naturally Unique Clothing and Gifts Since 2002
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We are a small family business who works primarily with other small family businesses in the USA, CANADA, PERU, Chile, Ecuador, Bolivia and other countries. We are committed to this industry and support both the small businesses within it, the environment in which it operates and of course the ethical protection of the alpacas under our collective care. 


We are strong advocates of Free Trade and a sustainable living for all partners.  The small and large businesses with work with can trace their final products back through the supply chain all the way to the original alpaca farms. This process is designed to support Fair Trade and a living sustainable wage for all participants. 


We work together to promote the many benefits of alpaca for your health and enjoyment, the community, the planet and the many small groups involved in the growing alpaca industry.  We support small alpaca farmers in the USA and abroad through product offerings, providing a market for raw material purchases, public outreach and continued advocacy of the many natural and healthy benefits of alpaca. 


Alpacas as amazing! They are surprisingly EARTH FRIENDLY from top to bottom. Here are a few key examples of what makes alpaca so eco-superior and sustainable:

  • Alpacas are soft footed animals, they do not have hooves that can wreck pasture land leading to soil erosion.
  • Alpacas are light weight (typically about 125 lbs) putting less pressure on pastures.
  • Alpacas eat less than most livestock and live primarily off simple low nutrient orchard grasses. 
  • Water needs for alpacas are minimal in comparison to other livestock.
  • Alpaca wool "fiber" is harvested annually with a simple "haircut" (shearing) which is harmless to the alpaca and necessary for their continued good health.
  • Alpaca fiber comes nearly ready to wear! It does not contain allergy causing chemicals like lanolin (sheep) which required toxic chemical washings to remove. Some home artisans actually will spin raw alpaca, knit it and THEN wash it, in simple healthy natural soap. 
  • Alpaca is a natural N-P-K balanced fertilizer! Alpaca "poo" composts easily and is great for you plant needs. Put some alpaca compost around a struggling plant and watch it strengthen and thrive. 

 Organizational groups and standards we work with to product ethical, sustainable alpaca products :

We are proud to be a member of the alpaca industry. The alpaca industry is a collection of typically small family run entities who work together to produce an environmentally friendly, economically sustainable natural resource product which is healthy, cruelty free and beneficial for all.