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Alpaca - the Smarter Wool


Learn more about alpaca fiber characteristics / features here:

* Real - alpaca is 100% natural fiber from adorable animals

* Kind - alpacas are not harmed during their annual "haircut"

* Semi-Hollow Fiber - Naturally a great insulator

* Heat Active - Alpaca is warm even if it get wet!

* Hydrophobic - alpaca deflects water naturally

* Moisture Wicking Fiber - keeps you dry and comfortable

* Odor Resistant - anti-microbial and odor resistant!

* Non-Allergenic - healthy for you and yours

* Non-Itchy - naturally smooth and comfortable fiber

* Eco-Friendly - alpaca fiber processing is non-polluting

* Strong - alpaca is lightweight yet is solid and durable

* Luxury - alpaca looks and feels wonderful on you!

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December 05, 2020

11 Things You Didn't Know About Alpacas

From unique fur to unusual sounds, alpacas have a lot to offer.

November 19, 2020

Alpaca Gift Ideas and Favorites


Alpaca Gift Ideas and Favorites

PurelyAlpaca, around since 2002, offers a very wide array of alpaca focused gifts from little alpaca loving trinkets to uber-luxury capes, wraps and coats.  Plus everything in between!

Below are some of the latest items which make great Christmas gifts!


Exclusive and alpaca-unique gifts not found _everywhere_ else!

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Gift wrap also available

  1444 Main St #308 Ramona CA 92065
May 31, 2020

For the Alpaca Dad this Father's Day

Give Him What He Really Wants this Father's Day

TOP TEN Functional Alpaca Gifts for Dad

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Brian's Picks for a Merry Alpaca Christmas

Brian's favorite alpaca gift items from PurelyAlpaca.com

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