Do you have your own (alpaca) avatar?

OK, maybe it doesn't have to be an alpaca (should!) but I recently fell on the concept of a network shared avatar or image/symbol that is FREE and associates with your email all over the web, potentially. Not sure where all it will show up but it works in our BLOG... which is how I learned about it. 

For example, I commented on a recent BLOG post about our Summer $100 Social Media Competition Sweepstakes ( and noticed the default symbol wasn't too attractive. I went to and for FREE setup my own PurelyAlpaca avatar: 

You'll notice Paula has the default image and I have our cute logo :)  I'll let Paula know she can do this change and it *should* even retroactively change the BLOG. 

Anyway, not a big thing for your life on the internet but I was surprised I didn't know about it and I like my new avatar a lot better than the default. It was super easy to do too! Now I'll be curious to see where else this shows up online. 

If you don't have a good avatar, feel free to use one of ours.

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Best alpaca wishes!




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