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Featured Purely Alpaca Products

Superwarm Alpaca Socks
"Superwarm" Heavy Extreme Alpaca Socks $ 26.95
+ Quick View
OutdoorAdventure Alpaca Sock  - Grey
"OutdoorAdventure" Alpaca Sock $ 24.95
+ Quick View
Field Hiker Alpaca Socks - Cocoa
Field Hiker Alpaca Socks $ 21.95
+ Quick View
100% Alpaca Work/Play Alpaca Gloves
100% Alpaca Work/Play Alpaca Gloves $ 31.95
+ Quick View

Alpaca Filled Buckskin Leather Gloves - Made in the USA
Alpaca Filled Buckskin Leather Gloves - Made in the USA from $ 69.95 $ 79.95
+ Quick View
Alpaca Filled Cowhide Leather Gloves - Made in the USA
Alpaca Filled Cowhide Leather Gloves - Made in the USA $ 69.95
+ Quick View
All Naturally Colored Luxury Alpaca Blankets from Ecuador
All Naturally Colored Luxury Alpaca Blankets from Ecuador $ 259.00
+ Quick View
INGA 100% Alpaca Womens Glittens
INGA 100% Alpaca Womens Glittens $ 69.50
+ Quick View

Alpaca Cowl - Diana 100% Alpaca
Alpaca Cowl - Diana 100% Alpaca $ 125.50
+ Quick View
Alpaca Leg Warmers - Wide Cable
Alpaca Leg Warmers - Wide Cable $ 26.95
+ Quick View
Alpaca Herd Fun Socks
Alpaca Herd Fun Socks $ 21.95
+ Quick View
Dahlgren Made in USA Sno Alpaca Sock - Men - Black
Dahlgren Made in USA Sno Alpaca Sock - Men $ 25.95
+ Quick View

PacaBuddies  Mailbox - Stuffed Alpaca Toy
"PacaBuddies" Stuffed Alpaca Toys $ 19.95
+ Quick View
Alpaca and Cria Jewelry Pin - Alpaca Brooch - Silver
Alpaca and Cria Jewelry Pin - Alpaca Brooch $ 24.95
+ Quick View
Jeremy Alpaca Scarf
Jeremy Alpaca Scarf $ 59.00
+ Quick View
Classic Knit Fishermans Alpaca Hat
Classic Knit Fishermans Alpaca Hat $ 31.95
+ Quick View

100% Alpaca Work/Play Alpaca Mittens
100% Alpaca Work/Play Alpaca Mittens $ 43.95
+ Quick View
Alpaca Love Ankle Socks - Pink
Alpaca Love Ankle Socks $ 12.95
+ Quick View
Alpaca Ornament with Alpaca Hat
Alpaca Ornament with Optional Alpaca Hat from $ 3.95
+ Quick View
Whimsical Alpaca Ornament
Whimsical Alpaca Ornament $ 19.95
+ Quick View

Whimsical Alpaca Ornament with Lights
Whimsical Alpaca Ornament with Lights $ 21.95
+ Quick View

Thank you for visiting the PurelyAlpaca online store!

PurelyAlpaca is a company which started from a picture. We first learned of alpacas in 1998 while looking through a magazine on a business flight. We just loved the LOOK of the animals and wanted to know more. After a couple of years of research we began our first alpaca farm on an island in the Pacific Northwest, near Seattle. Our farm has been very successful in its own right, producing multiple-award winning prize alpacas.

Soon after starting the farm we opened a small farm store showcasing alpaca products to our many farm visitors (we were in a tourist area). The first retail web store was opened in 2002. The demand for quality alpaca products was much higher than anticipated with 100%+ growth per year!

Since the beginning, PurelyAlpaca.com has offers new features, more customer services and a wider collection of quality alpaca products. We love this industry and greatly enjoy seeking out new and exciting examples of "wearable art" made with luxurious naturally unique alpaca fiber.

With new designers and manufacturers getting into this exciting industry, alpaca clothing and gift offerings continue to expand at an exciting pace. At PurelyAlpaca.com we will continue to show the latest interesting products created from this exquisite naturally unique fiber.

Purely Alpaca goes on alpaca research vacation in Ecuador in 2013

Finding Ecuador Alpacas in the high mountains

 Our 2013 Alpaca Vacation in Ecuador!

New Facility

In 2009, PurelyAlpaca moved to La Jolla, CA. The new La Jolla facility is more modern, easier for shipping products fast and La Jolla is just plain beautiful!

As always, we continue to expand our selection of exciting new alpaca products while also offering classic lines of clothing and gifts. We encourage you to join us in promoting this wonderful fiber and animal!

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PurelyAlpaca BLOG

PurelyAlpaca Announces 100% Natural Alpaca Bed Pillows

October 08, 2015

PurelyAlpaca.com is pleased to offer a new unique find... 100% Natural Alpaca Pillows! The ultimate in healthy luxury and comfort, the alpaca bed pillows are so very good for you and your home. Key features include: Comfortable support Dust mite resistant Hypo-allergenic Organic non toxic materials Fire resistant Bug deterrent Anti-bacterial 100% U.S. A. Alpaca! See the difference alpaca can make in your sleep comfort at: http://purelyalpaca.com/collections/latest-alpaca-items/products/100-percent-natural-alpaca-pillows   

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PurelyAlpaca.com - Just in! New 100% Alpaca Scarves and Throws

October 05, 2015

PurelyAlpaca.com is pleased to announce a new alpaca collection, the new LUX Alpaca line of 100% baby alpaca throws and alpaca scarves. Available now at www.PurelyAlpaca.com   Amazing quality, feel and style with this 100% Baby Alpaca Scarves and Throws!       

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Simple Alpaca Products Care Instructions

October 02, 2015

Congratulations on your choice to wear alpaca!  You clearly appreciate the finer things and know that a quality fiber item is worth keeping for a long time. The information below discusses how to clean your alpaca item. You will find that with proper care, your valuable alpaca garment will become a personal favorite or perhaps even a family heirloom! Here are some tips, gleaned from experts, on the best ways to keep your fine alpaca garment clean and in good shape for many years... First, and perhaps foremost...   Think of your alpaca sweater as fine yet strong hair, which is what it essentially is. Cleaning any natural animal fiber garment can be done in a washing machine, as long as...

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Purely Alpaca Newsletter, September 2015

September 22, 2015

Have you seen our latest alpaca newsletter? Click here! *National Alpaca Farm Days! *Win a $100 Alpaca Shopping Spree on PurelyAlpaca! *Earn $$$ by Promoting Alpaca! *Alpaca in the News - Fun and Unusual Alpaca Stories Sign up to receive future PurelyAlpaca Newsletters and  Be the first to know of: * New product announcements* Limited unique special buys* Short term offerings* Alpaca news, events and fun! Click here to see the Purely Alpaca newsletter

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