Burrrr - Winter has arrived at Purely Alpaca

OMG I woke up this morning and my phone said it was 36 degrees!  YIKES!

Stay Warm Wear Alpaca

I know, I know it's probably colder where you are.  


A) I grew up in Pacific Beach where it was almost ALWAYS 72 degrees.

B) Our warehouse isn't heated!  

Thankfully I am wearing alpaca!  Lots and LOTS of Alpaca!  Good thing I know where to get amazing alpaca products.  :)

This morning it was cold enough to wear my alpaca leggings.  I've written about these before.  I love my alpaca leggings.  Not just for women, Men have been wearing our alpaca leggings under their jeans for ultimate in warmth.

Alpaca Leggings  

Then I added my alpaca knee-hi socks.  I like these socks a lot.  They work well with the alpaca leggings and add an extra layer of warmth in my boots. 

Alpaca Knee-Hi

Brian prefers the 80% Alpaca American Traveler Socks.  It's actually the only sock he wears anymore.  Year round!

80% Alpaca American Traveler Socks

We both also wore our Alpaca Work/Play Fingerless Alpaca Gloves, Iditarod 100% Alpaca Beanie Hat and Iditarod Neck Gator Baby Alpaca LinedAlpaca Work/Play Fingerless Alpaca Gloves Iditarod 100% Alpaca Beanie Hat Iditarod Neck Gator Baby Alpaca Lined

I almost forgot!  I have American Choice Alpaca Foot Warmers - Shoe Inserts - Insoles in my boots!  Not only do these add an extra layer of warmth to my boots, they make standing on the cold cement filling orders much more comfy!  

  American Choice Alpaca Foot Warmers - Shoe Inserts - Insoles


We have a lot of amazing alpaca products perfect for cold weather inside or outside.  :) 

If you have any questions on these or any other alpaca products, let me know.



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