I'm in love, Love, LOVE with our Alpaca Leggings!

A little about me.  

I grew up in a little tiny part of San Diego, CA called Pacific Beach.  4 blocks from the bay and 8 blocks from the Pacific Ocean.  Weather was always just about perfect.  I like to say "Anything over 72 degrees is too hot, and anything under 72 degrees is too cold"  

San Diego Weather  San Diego Winter

Last week we went to Pennsylvania for the PAOBA Alpaca Breeders Showcase.  The weather was a lot outside my comfort zone AND our booth was right by an open door.  

Weather Pennsylvania

BUT - I was prepared this year!!  

I wore a pair of Alpaca Leggings under my pants!  I was so nice and warm!  

Two thumbs up from this San Diego girl!! 



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