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Functional Alpaca for Dad this Father's Day

Functional Alpaca for Dad this Father's Day

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What's Paula Wearing? Alpaca of course!

We ride motorcycles a lot!  In all kinds of weather.  

Tomorrow we are going on a motorcycle trip to Big Bear, California.  The high is supposed to be 52 degrees.  BUT I wont be whining!  What I will be doing is wearing alpaca!  Lots and LOTS of Alpaca!  Good thing I know where to get amazing alpaca products.  :)

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Alpaca life promoted on Pinterest

At PurelyAlpaca we're ALL ABOUT ALPACAS!

We love to promote the cuties any chance we get! See our PurelyAlpaca Pinterest pages for images of alpacas and alpaca products, the alpaca lifestyle... basically all things alpaca!

USA made Alpaca socks and alpaca products

Lots of alpaca categories including:

Click the PurelyAlpaca Pinterest link to see more! 

PurelyAlpaca's New Photo Contest

Alpaca brings out cold weather fashion

Enter PurelyAlpaca's New Photo Contest:
Is it Cold where you are?!

We want to see how you stay warm wearing our alpaca products this winter.
Send us your fashionable, fun, unusual, "weird", promotional, creative, etc. photos of our alpaca products.

You could be one of our two winners who will each receive a $50 PurelyAlpaca gift certificate, and the accolades of other online shoppers for your creativity/fashion/art!  

To enter, act fast! Submit your photo by Friday, December 12th to photocontest@purelyalpaca.com


Our Superwarm Alpaca Socks have been all over the world. Ocean Science Missions in the Arctic and Antarctic, Dog Sledding in Alaska, Ice Fishing and even our really cold offices in San Diego :)

Our fashion accessories keep you warm and wonderful in cold settings. 

Our alpaca throws are cuddle-warm in front of the fire on a cold evening. 

Your outdoor sports are now much more fun while wearing the warmth of alpaca!

And so on, and so on. We're looking for YOUR creative images! 

By sending in your photo you are giving us permission to use your photo, first name and state on our website, social media, email ads etc...

Questions? Just ask! photocontest@purelyalpaca.com

American Alpaca Filled Leather Gloves

We have finally achieved a long sought after goal of producing USA made work and driving gloves made with USA grown alpaca fleece warmth lining!
It literally took years to get all the pieces of this project but we're very happy with the result and hope you will try these gloves!  
The glove maker is a long standing American glove company.The lining is created by a small USA alpaca farm using locally "grown" alpaca fleece that it felted using the FeltLOOM machine, then satin lined.  
Please check them out! 

Fall 2014 Grand Opening of New Purely Alpaca Shopping Cart!

** Yea!! A new look after 12 years!
We are excited to announce the
Fall 2014 Grand Opening of New Purely Alpaca Shopping Cart!
Lots of new Alpaca Products!
Help us Celebrate Alpaca with the "GrandAlpaca10" coupon.
Grand Opening Items on Sale NOW!
Sign up to win a $100 PacaBucks Shopping Spree
Check it out at www.PurelyAlpaca.com

A Mountain of New Alpaca Products

Oh, have to admit it... I have a bit of an "alpaca addiction". As the buyer for PurelyAlpaca, my job is to seek out new alpaca products that are any of the following:

  • luxurious alpaca
  • fashionable alpaca
  • fun alpaca
  • functional alpaca
  • cute alpaca
  • promoting of alpaca
  • craft made alpaca
  • American Made Alpaca
  • American Farm Made Alpaca
  • etc.

Have you noticed the common tread?  Yes, ALPACA! :)  


At PurelyAlpaca that is our only product focus. Products that showcase the beauty, uniqueness, functionality, fun and lifestyle that is celebrated with this natural exquisite resource. 

We've traveled the world and looked in our own neighborhood for products which showcase alpaca, and will continue to do so. We also have developed a number of unique, never before produced alpaca products:socks, work gloves, toys, fashion and more.  If it showcases alpaca, we're into it. Besides, It's FUN!

Right now we have boxes of new products everywhere, many of which we have never had before.  As we continue to roll out this new shopping cart (our old one has run since 2004!), the new products are being added. We're excited to offer these and can't wait for the response from our alpaca loving customers! 


Want to help us in promoting alpaca with alpaca products on PurelyAlpaca?  Great!! Send us your ideas, web links, photos and suggestions for new products.

If we add your suggestion to our line you might just find us asking for your mailing address to send you one with our thanks! 



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