Kids Alpaca Mittens

Kid's Alpaca Mittens are a great option for someone looking to share the gift of alpaca with a young one!

Made from Suri Blend Alpaca Yarn, these Kid's Mitts are as soft as they are warm, all without the excess bulk.

Available in Infant, Toddler, and Children's Small.

Made in Suri Light Fawn and Suri Rose Grey colors. 

Contents: 60% Suri Alpaca, 40% Nylon

Care: Hand wash in room temp water with gentle laundry soap (or hair shampoo) and air dry for longest life.

These unique mittens fit perfectly with our mission... started in 2002 with the mission to support the promotion of alpaca in many ways. We purchase alpaca products worldwide and consistently add new ones from artists, small farms, small businesses and more to our always changing collection. We are always seeking new interesting products, especially MADE IN THE USA BY FAMILY FARM PRODUCTS such as these. These heavy alpaca gloves fit the mission perfectly! Try them and you will love them too!

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