Fluffy Furry Fuzzy Alpaca Slippers

Perhaps the only thing that could feel better on your feet than alpaca socks are these alpaca slippers. Soft and comfortable on the inside, fun and reinforced on the outside. You’ll have very Happy Feet every time you wear these alpaca slippers! Very well made in Peru.

Most are in white, some have a blend with fawn or brown. These items are hand crafted by Peruvian artisans. Each one is different and the fur used varies in color. 
Please note, these are house slipper and not intended for outside wear. For their longest life, we recommend you do not wear them on rough surfaces like outside cement surfaces. 

Select from available sizes by number below. Alpaca slippers have a bit of give to them so the sizes shown below should be considered mid ranges:

01 - Girl Size 3 1/2, Boy Size 2, International 34
02 - Women Size 6, Men Size 4 1/2, International 36
03 - Women Size 7 1/2, Men Size 6, International 38
04 - Women Size 9, Men Size 7 1/2, International 40
05 - Women Size 10, Men Size 8 1/2, International 42
06 - Women Size 10 1/2, Men Size 9, International 43
07 - Women Size 12, Men Size 10 1/2, International 44
08 - Women Size 13 1/2, Men Size 12, International 46

Materials: 100% alpaca, alpaca hide leather bottom, fur inside as well. 

Thought most are white, this natural product can also sometimes come in Beige or Light Fawn or even Darker Brown. Please let us know in the comments if you have specific color preferences. 

Made by artisans in Peru


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