Deluxe Hand Knit Hooded Kids Alpaca Gloves ("Glittens")

These Kids alpaca gloves are hand knitted HOODED fingerless alpaca gloves (glove/mitten = ("Glitten") ) from Bolivia. The hood is attached but can flip back out of the way. Therefore the four fingers are fingerless but the hood can cover them. The thumb is not fingerless but you can poke it out from a knitted slot opening at the thumb joint to get your thumb out. Notice the gray glitten in the picture with the hood pulled over the fingers.

This uniquely functional and well made Deluxe Hand Knit Hooded Alpaca Gloves ("Glittens") for Kids is one of our hottest sellers.

This knit glove has a good range of fit so it will fit most kids from ages 5-8 years of age. Sizing chart.

Materials: 100% Alpaca

They are handmade in Andean alpaca communities which are often set in beautiful locations at altitudes of 12,000+ feet. People there live a primitive existence in harmony with nature and alpacas. There is not a great need for money, sale prices are low. In contast machine spun alpaca costs significantly more. We purchase these under Fair Trade conditions from local knitters (see our alpaca blog for details).

Category: Alpaca Gloves, Texting

Vendor: IAT

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