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Speedy shipping, hassle-free returns.

Speedy shipping, hassle-free returns

Alpaca Embroidery and Vinyl Customization

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PurelyAlpaca Offers Product Customization

Create uniquely special keepsake gifts with Embroidery and Vinyl Customization. 

With customization they'll cherish your personalized products for years to come.

Embellish items with your choice:

  • Name
  • Message
  • Monogram
  • Image
  • Logo / Brand

We offer both stitch embroidery and vinyl customization options.

commercial embroidery of alpaca products  
Commercial Professional 10-needle (up to 10 colors) Embroidery Machine
Commercial Vinyl Lettering, Shapes, Customization Machine
Most items we offer can be customized. The small gallery of items shown here are some simple ones but most items offered on PurelyAlpaca.com can be personalized with your message or chosen artwork. Let your creativity shine with custom product enhancements. 
Introductory service pricing
We offer low-overhead low-cost in-house customization services that would be hard to beat elsewhere. Each product customization is by nature unique and prices vary accordingly. In general, embroidery tends to be more expensive than vinyl work due to the time/labor involved but final price per item depends on these factors:
  • Embroidery vs Vinyl customization
  • Complexity of design
  • Number of items done exactly the same
  • Mailing a physical proof, if desired
Steps to order:
1. Add item(s) on PurelyAlpaca.com you would like customized to the cart.
2. Enter comments with your order (during checkout) describing text and any other details for each embroidered item.  An email or phone call is also welcome if needed.
3. We will follow up by email or phone call to confirm customization instructions and provide a quote for the work.
4. We will send an invoice for agreed customization charge.
5. A digital or physical proof provided for confirmation. 
6. Items are quickly customized in-house for shipping to you or your gift recipient.
Please note: once an item is customized it is non-returnable
Additional Customization Services Offered:
PurelyAlpaca can also produce customization for your group on items we do not sell online. We maintain numerous product catalogs in-house to offer a wide selection of non-alpaca products such as: polos, fleece, t-shirts, caps, totes, towels, drink tumblers,keychains, etc, etc. for your group:
  • School Teams
  • Clubs
  • Firefighters
  • Companies
  • Charities
  • etc.
Please email customization@purelyalpaca.com or call us at 877-PURELYA to learn more and discuss your ideas and available options. 
More Options

Paula also has a Facebook page dedicated to the various fun she has customizing products for customers, friends and family.  See frequent updates and additional offerings there:

Alpaca Embroidery and Vinyl Customization

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