Alpaca Slumber Socks

Drift into an alpaca slumber with these cute novelty Alpaca Slumber Socks!

alpaca slumber socks label

Amazingly soft, gentle and cute ankle and crew height alpaca-themed novelty socks in delightful colors featuring a cute alpaca face.  

Gentle novelty socks for your alpaca loving comfort. Soft giving fit that is very gentle but with a comforting non-constricting but secure hold. Features soft brushed inside and a thickness that cushions your feet in a pleasing hug. 

Our first offering of these was so popular that we now have now ordered MANY more!

These may be your favorite novelty couch, cold floor and bed socks!

"Oh, these feel wonderful. I could sleep in these!" -Brenda

"These are super comfy and put up with a lot of abuse :) " -Paula

Available in either Ankle (shorter) or Crew (taller) styles.

SizeStretchiness gives them a good range to fit most teenage girls, women and men to size 9.


Care: Normal gentle laundry wash and dry

Materials: 90% Acrylic, 7% Polyester, 3% Spandex

Bulk Discount available for packages of 6 (same size and color).


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