Alpaca Greeting Cards by Dee

Alpaca Greeting Cards by Dee Soft pen and ink drawing alpaca greeting cards by Dee VachonMiller. Comments from Dee:

A. Miranda’s ‘Bad Hair Day’ look is irresistible! She has such a fun, expressive face to portray. I chose to do her in pen and ink without watercolor as I felt that as a black huacaya, the watercolor would take away from some of the detail and texturing.

B. This Brown Suri has such a sweet face I had to sketch him. I completed the picture in waterproof pen and ink with watercolor over the top. With the pen and ink I can get some good detail work in and the watercolor brings the picture to life.

C. Shaggy is one of my favorite Suri portraits. His look is so comical and fun. He is done in waterproof pen and ink with watercolor wash to show his pretty brown coloring.

D. Soft pen and ink drawing of a Momma alpaca and her baby.

These items may also available as an 8x10 print. Please check the other artist items to see if the prints are still available. Select your alpaca greeting card using the choice of either A, B, C, or D.

For more information, please visit this products webpage.

Category: Artist Showcase

Vendor: Dee VachonMiller

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