PacaPaws Felted Alpaca Cat Toys

Cats love alpacas! This toy lets your cat play with alpaca!

Felted Alpaca Cat Toys offer an all natural, chemical free, hypoallergenic toy for your pet. Cats are naturally drawn to the alpaca fiber and will play with them for hours!
Your cat will find the scent of these to be irresistible! Like catnip without the catnip!

3 balls per package that are approx 1.25 inches in diameter.

Each ball has a little bell inside to entertain you, er, the cat. 

As these are handmade from natural alpaca, colors may vary.

Hand made by a USA small alpaca farm from their alpaca fiber! 

Suggested Use: give to your cat, sit back and enjoy!  

Comes in cute gift packaging of 3 balls with bells inside.


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