Gift Wrap your Alpaca Gifts

We Can Gift Wrap it for You!

Save time by having us gift wrap your alpaca gifts! 

  • Select 1, 2, 3, etc as the quantity of gifts to wrap 
  • Giftwrap is $4.00 per gift
  • A few of the larger items are not eligible for gift wrapping such as:
  •         Coats, Jackets and Blankets.
  • Made of printed Kraft paper with a soft traditional look.
  • We will identify on your receipt and the wrapped gifts as to which item is which.
  • In Checkout Comments provide instructions such as:
  • Tell us how many gifts to wrap
       (if "1" wrap is purchased w/o comment we'll wrap all together)
  • Should we put "To: / From:"  name tags on each item? 
  • Enclose a purchased greeting card, fill it out?
  • Anything else? ... be sure to leave comments.
  • Please put this extra information in the Checkout Comments box with your order. 

Also see our collection of Alpaca Theme Greeting Cards to go with your gifts!

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