Alpaca Inca Braided Chullo Hat

An upgrade to a standard classic. Beautifully soft Alpaca Inca Braided Chullo Hat!

Inca style socks and accessories have been sold in the "alpaca world" for many years. Typically the items have been somewhat cheap, made with lower grade alpaca, acrylic or other inexpensive fibers. This item is scaled up design with bold bright markings and high quality alpaca!

Materials: 65% alpaca 35% acrylic

Please note, the current items have a attached card, tagged 100% alpaca, which we will change for future items. We found the Peruvians claim their yarn as 100% although it is a blend. According to the manufacturer: In Peru the Yarn company sell them as 100% as people wanted a product with this blend. Stores and companies sell them as 100% alpaca. This mix is softer and more accepted by the market.

We don't agree with their assessment and will likely test a true 100% yarn for future purchases, though it will surely cost more. 

Size: a flexible range which should fit women M to Men XL

Made in Peru. 

Care: machine wash cold, tumble dry low.
Or better still, hand wash in room temperature water with a little baby shampoo then air dry. 

 Also see other matching Inca accessories.

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