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Speedy shipping, hassle-free returns

Update: June, 2016

Seeking alpaca farm to purchase

PurelyAlpaca.com (and sister company, ChoiceAlpacaProducts.com) is seeking an alpaca farm with warehouse facility to purchase. Anywhere in the country will be considered.

In 2001, we started with our first alpaca farm. After years of enjoying these gentle creatures, "Life" got in the way and we left the farming side of things in 2008. But the draw of alpacas never left.



"We miss the lifestyle!", says Brian the owner. Once very active in the local alpaca community as farmers, show participants and regional alpaca shearer, we now operate PurelyAlpaca.com (retail) and ChoiceAlpacaProducts.com (wholesale), promoting alpaca through new alpaca promoting product development, support of alpaca farm products and alpaca related alpaca product sales. 

We are seeking a new location including residence and a clean warehouse space on the premises for shipping, receiving and production of alpaca products.  


Even better would be a house with a large clean outdoor access walkout basement which could become warehouse space.

The desired requirements for the property are listed below. These are not in any particular order but ones nearer the top are more important. 

Desired features:

  • Must have access to good reliable internet.
  • Large clean warehouse/basement space of 1200 sq ft minimum, larger is better up to 2400 sq ft.
  • A/C and/or good exhaust fan and heat for warehouse in areas where required.
  • Separate working space for storage of alpaca fiber, sock machine, insoles machine, etc. 
  • Easy access for daily FedEx/UPS trucks.
  • Not too far from a post office that wants a lot of business. 
  • Smallish house OK, 2-3 bedroom is OK
  • Alpaca friendly climate, not too hot
  • Small herd of alpacas as part of complete package to go with farm, or perhaps alpaca ready farm
  • Near other alpaca farms, local alpaca community
  • Reasonable distance to a city and airport (within 1-2 hrs?)
  • 4 Season climate preferred (some snow, etc.) but that's a lot of areas in the USA.
  • Small guest house (or in-law apt) a plus
  • Sale price dependent on area, features, etc. but preferably under $400K

If you are looking to sell or know someone who is, or have a local friend in real estate who already has a listing, please contact us. A great set of photos which show off the features above would be a wonderful way to start.  Feel free to share this with others including your local alpaca association. 



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