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You have a beloved, and highly loved, teddy bear that needs a bath?

Want to know how to clean a dirty alpaca teddy bear?

Wondering if your alpaca teddy bear can be washed?

Below is our approach simple tested approach to cleaning your beloved toy.

how to clean alpaca teddy bear

We refer to bears here but the same idea applies to any alpaca fur item.

** Most importantly, Alpaca Fur Toys are not machine washable and the inner body cannot get wet.

Wipe your alpaca teddy bear with a damp cloth in all directions: left, right, up, down with the goal of getting only the hair wet and not the skin/hide. Water is best in most cases but if you need soap, use a really SMALL amount of hair shampoo.

Again, and we cannot stress this enough, the inner body should not get wet.

You’re simply trying to get the hair damp. If the skin gets slightly damp too that's probably OK, but try to avoid that.

If you use shampoo you will need to get it out of the hair without getting the inner body wet. Here “rinsing” will be wiping the hair/fur with a damp cloth.

Blot dry with a towel and leave out to dry naturally away. Don't use extreme sources of heat such as radiators as it could damage the skin. Once dry, fluff by just shaking or use a cold hairdryer to fluff the fur.

Once dry, fancy up your teddy bear with a tight bristled tangle brush or pet "slicker" using a nice gentle brushing to fluff the fur nicely and give your refreshed teddy a full fluffy look. 

pet slicker for your alpaca teddy bear

Be gentle and patient and your clean, refreshed alpaca fur teddy should again look wonderful!

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