PurelyAlpaca - Naturally Unique Clothing and Gifts Since 2002

PurelyAlpaca - Naturally Unique Clothing and Gifts Since 2002

Speedy shipping, hassle-free returns.

Speedy shipping, hassle-free returns

Can we send you a free gift with your order?

Thank you for trusting us with your purchase! 

As a small "mom-n-pop" business, we're very interested in knowing what works and what doesn't. We would like to send you a free gift with your order, for a little helpful info.

Please tell us how you learned about us?

There's a famous saying...

half of my advertising money is wasted

With the limited budget of a small business, we would really appreciate it if you would let us know exactly how we got your business! Email, Google search, friend, magazine, radio, etc.?  Good details will help a lot. What did you search for exactly, what did the friend say, were did you see/hear an ad, etc.?

Please tell us in the order comments section during checkout. 

We are very thankful for your feedback!

We will send you a free thank you Alpaca Gift Item for your kind help! 

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Repeat customers can help too!

We're a so very happy and proud to report that in our many years of offering alpaca products we have many repeat customers! We love that! Thank you!

We'd love to send you, the repeat customer, something special. Give us an idea for improvement. Anything at all. A "gut" feeling, new feature, new product idea.... anything at all. We're "too close" to the business to see what you see! Please put your ideas in the order comments. As much insight as you wish to share will be greatly appreciated! 

Thank you in advance for your much appreciated ideas! We will be happy to send a free "Thank you" alpaca gift with your order.

Warm regards,
 -Brian and Paula

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