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PurelyAlpaca - Naturally Unique Clothing and Gifts Since 2002

Speedy shipping, hassle-free returns.

Speedy shipping, hassle-free returns

My dad has a condition called CRPS (Chronic Regional Pain Syndrome). He is a first responder and from a work injury his right hand is left almost completely immobile and in constant pain (kind of like really bad pins and needles but on fire sort of).

I ordered a pair of the Iditarod gloves from your company 4 years ago after my research told me that fabric made from alpaca was the best fabric for nerve conditions that react through the skin like this.

He has used these gloves almost EVERY SINGLE DAY, at times they have been his only source of comfort and the sole thing that makes his life less painful.

I owe so much to you and your company. In more ways than one, you have given me my father back.

It was one order 4 years ago, but I want you to know that we have thought about it each and everyday. Thank you for what you do and please never stop doing it.

I have recommended your site to many of the CRPS community pages, and I hope that your business thrives and grows because you deserve the whole world.

Thank you, we are eternally grateful.

Adison, Houston TX