AFCNA (Americas Alpaca) Mission Continued by PurelyAlpaca

Purely Alpaca Continues the Mission of
Americas Alpaca (AFCNA - Alpaca Fiber Co-op of North America)

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As a long time member and contributor to the Alpaca Fiber Co-op of North America, aka "The Co-op", we were sad to see this flagship enterprise, which in many ways "started it all" had to close. We believe the Co-op was a very positive and necessary entity for the starting American alpaca industry.

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Afcna Americas Alpaca Fiber Co-op of North America
When we heard of the closing, we bid on 1000s of pairs of  Alpaca Fiber Co-op (AFCNA) Hiker, Qtr Hiker and Dress socks. We also purchased sock yarn and are continuing to produce the Hiker socks, a long time favorite.

american choice alpaca

               The American Choice Alpaca Collection

We improved on the Co-op's Extreme socks with by two versions of socks from Choice Alpaca Products, a USA company. These socks are part of our ever growing American Choice Alpaca line which celebrates quality alpaca products made in the USA.
The Superwarm Heavy Extreme Alpaca Socks are a "Superweight" alpaca sock which has been popular with our customers since 2006. Tens of thousands have been sold with many many loyal repeat customers.
The Superwarms have been warn by explorers in the Arctic and Antarctic, cold weather hunters and fisherman and a host of other outdoor workers and enthusiasts. The warmest socks you may ever find, they are the REAL DEAL for keeping feet warm, cushioned and comfortable in extremely cold weather!
superwarm socks  superwarm alpaca socks extreme cold
alpaca socks ice fishing  
Another sock we offer, equally popular to the Superwarm is the OutdoorAdventure alpaca socks. Scaled to be roughly the weight of the Co-op's old Extreme Alpaca socks, the newer OutdoorAdventure is warmer and much more comfortable. An excellent choice for cold weather, the OutdoorAdventure feature cushioning for comfort, reinforced strength and an amazing moisture wicking ability to keep your feet dry and comfortable should your feet get actually HOT in the socks!
outdooradventure alpaca socks  outdoor adventure alpaca socks black
Available in 3 colors (Black, Cocoa and Grey) and 4 sizes (S, M, L, XL).
Our newest creation is a result of tons of sock yarn bought from the closing AFCNA inventory. The new 80% alpaca "American Traveler" is a mid-weight active sock with cushioning and warmth designed for long walks, light hiking and daily/office wear.
american traveler alpaca socks mascot
The higher than normal (80%) alpaca blend in the sock yarn is an often requested feature from many of our discerning customers.
american traveler alpaca socks
The American Traveler alpaca sock is likely to be one you will wear more than any other!
Further, we purchased other items such as many full pallets of raw fiber which are being used for making the very popular Alpaca Dryer Balls. Alpaca dryer balls are made from the "leftover" fiber in processing of other products. The aid in clothes drying by reducing the time to dry and softening laundry without the use of expensive and polluting chemical dryer sheets. Just throw them in the dryer and let them do their thing! By the way, they're also fun for juggling :) 
alpaca dryer balls

Thank you for your visit and interest in alpaca products. We hope you will support USA made alpaca farms and small family businesses through your purchases of quality American alpaca


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