Icy Weather Fishing Guide Using Superwarm Alpaca Socks

Bob D., an extreme conditions outdoors guide, tries out our Superwarm Alpaca Socks as he guides a hearty group in a cold weather fishing trip to Wilson's Creek in NC and Paint Creek in TN.

Here are a couple of images I took...I have a few more that are coming  from my buddy's camera for you too Brian...Socks worked great... The water was about 34 to 37 degrees...air temps were 19 or so.

Rained and sleeted while we fished for a couple of days....I have a couple of shots of myself in the water fishing to near the tops of my wader boots....This will give you an Idea of the nature of the cold we are withstanding to enjoy this sport during the late fall, Winter and early spring months.

Bob D. fishing guide, testing alpaca products Supply store for outdoorsman on fishing trip, wearing alpaca socks 
Choice Alpaca Brand Superwarm socks in mix of natural fiber products for icy fishing trip Wearing alpaca socks makes fishing in waders in icy waters tolerable

Bob is a regular sporting guide and is working with us to test products and develop new lines for the outdoorsman who appreciates the warmth and comfort of natural alpaca.

Alpaca is an excellent choice for the sportsman looking for comfort, warmth, breathability, moisture wicking and even fashion in a natural product. If you have ideas as to what would make the ideal alpaca item for your adventures, do please drop us a line. We ENJOY developing new uses for alpaca and would welcome your message. 

Stay tuned for more to come from Bob and his outdoor "alpaca enhanced" adventures.  Try a pair of the Superwarm Superheavyweight alpaca socks!



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