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Wear the Eco-Friendly Label

We all care about the environment to some extent. Each of us has our own ways of showing it, but most of us would like to show that we care to ourselves if not also others. There are different ways of demonstrating your eco-friendliness. Maybe you separate your recycling or purchase eco-friendly groceries with non-polluting packaging. Perhaps you help your employer with their Adopt-a-Highway efforts every year, or have your own stretch of clean highway? Maybe you donate to the Audubon Society or other groups and enjoy the membership.

However you otherwise choose to give back, consider becoming a more eco-friendly clothing shopper. Not only can you help the Earth with your eco-friendly shopping, you can help yourself to become a healthier person.

What is Eco-Friendly Shopping?
Eco-friendly shopping doesn't mean that you have to stop buying meat, or live an austere life in order to save the planet. In most cases, it doesn't involve anything more than a slight shift in shopping habits, and in turn you help your family to live a healthier lifestyle.

Eco-Friendly Clothing
One way of becoming a more eco-aware shopper is to buy eco-aware clothing. Consider the many benefits of alpaca. Alpaca fiber is an awesome eco-friendly material that everyday people use and love, perhaps without completely realizing the scope of its personal and environmental healthy difference. Alpaca sweaters, alpaca scarves, and alpaca wool socks keep people warm in winter throughout the world. Luxurious alpaca blankets adorn many a bed and living room couch. Alpaca coats and wraps give one the look of fashionable comfort. They are beautiful quality products from one of the most earth-friendly animals out there.

Why the Alpaca?
What makes the alpaca so Earth friendly? The alpaca is a natural when it comes to conservation, pollution reduction and sustainability. First and foremost, the alpaca produces a pollution free fiber which they will gladly share with you as they are shorn (without harm) annually.

Alpacas, which have been determined to be the world’s oldest domestic livestock, are happy to give up their thick annual growth of dense, warm and luxuriously soft fiber as spring turns into summer. Picture how uncomfortable you would be wearing the equivalent of 3-4 heavy winter coats in mid summer! The newly naked alpaca will be bounding with springtime joy and energy after their thick fleece has been claimed for a new alpaca sweater, scarf or socks.

Alpacas are South American in origin and are very distant relatives to camels. You’ll notice this when you see their unusual running style, their “cush” sitting position, and more. It’s also evident in the lower amount of water they consume. The 160 lb average alpaca eats less per pound and their efficient 3-stomach digestive system metabolizes grass and hay more efficiently than nearly all other livestock.

Alpacas actually “cut” the grass with their unusual front incisor teeth rather than chewing it, and the roots, out of the ground like some other livestock.

Their lightweight, soft two toed foot (no hoof) is soft on the ground which reduces soil damage. Also, the other alpaca byproduct, “PacaPOO” is pH balanced and an excellent, natural, slow-release low-odor fertilizer.

The conservation continues even more so after the fiber is shorn from the alpaca. Unlike sheep wool which contains the allergen oil lanolin, alpacas are lanolin free. Lanolin is a type of thick oil which causes skin irritation in many people. It requires a harsh multi-stage detergent wash (read pollution) to remove it during processing. Not only do alpacas lack lanolin naturally, the fine and smooth nature of their resilient hollow-core fiber keeps prickly barbs from poking your skin.

Alpaca fiber comes in a whole array of colors naturally, and many alpaca products are available in natural colors. Alpaca also dyes very well and takes color nicely from plant and other natural dyes so you don't have to worry about artificial dyes irritating delicate skin or causing more pollution.

Finally, one other key factor to consider is economic as well as environmental sustainability. Tens of thousands of alpacas are raised by thousands of small family farms and ranches throughout the country. Your alpaca apparel purchases support those family farms, the products industry they serve as they raise some of the cutest, most colorful livestock you will ever see.

With all this going for them you could say, “Alpacas are Saving the Earth, One Sweater at a Time!”

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By Brian Schieber
Brian Schieber is the owner of PurelyAlpaca.com, an online and catalog boutique of “Naturally Unique Clothing and Gifts” which are all about alpaca.

Alpaca Fashions Go Mainstream with Retailer Supporting USA Small Businesses

The PurelyAlpaca.com store is a user specific on-line clothing and accessories store based near the La Jolla, CA. Since 2002, PurelyAlpaca has offered unique high quality alpaca products such as alpaca sweaters, socks, hats, gloves and other alpaca themed gifts from around the world. 

The products blend the Earthy aspects of alpaca fiber with the latest in online shopping for price conscious luxury shopping. 

PurelyAlpaca.com focuses on quality alpaca products primarily made from the naturally non-allergic alpaca fiber. They offer a large array of fun "alpaca lover" gifts and enjoy finding, or having produced Alpaca products year round.  Alpaca products have been rapidly growing in popularity world-wide due to its natural comfort and elegance.

On the internet as http://www.purelyalpaca.com PurelyAlpaca offers unique shopping categories which support USA businesses including: Alpaca Made in the USA, American Alpaca Farm Products, 100% Alpaca and even Motorcycling Alpaca Items, a new niche for the online retailer.

“In this age of high stress living, many people are turning to the natural appeal of alpaca. They see the beauty and gentle nature of the animal as well as its natural appeal”, says Brian Schieber, PurelyAlpaca.com President, himself once an owner of a two different alpaca farms.

Alpaca is still a relatively unknown clothing fiber in North America. It has been compared to cashmere and angora though alpaca advocates point out its superior qualities. 

The recent reawakening of interest in the fiber arts (spinning, knitting and weaving) has seen a great interest in alpaca fiber whether raw or as yarn. “Alpaca fiber is currently extremely popular as a material for warm and naturally wicking socks”, says Schieber.

Along with 100s of products made commercially in the USA and South America, PurelyAlpaca offers unique artistic creations, clothing or other items which utilize or are about alpaca. 

The company is always on the lookout for new and interesting creations made from this extremely versatile natural fiber, especially when these creations support USA alpaca farms. They support a wide range of alpaca creations from $3000 luxury items to $2 fun trinkets. "Anything alpaca us fun" says PurelyAlpaca.

For more information about PurelyAlpaca.com, visit the web site at http://www.PurelyAlpaca.com or phone 1-877-PURELYA.

PurelyAlpaca's New Photo Contest

Alpaca brings out cold weather fashion

Enter PurelyAlpaca's New Photo Contest:
Is it Cold where you are?!

We want to see how you stay warm wearing our alpaca products this winter.
Send us your fashionable, fun, unusual, "weird", promotional, creative, etc. photos of our alpaca products.

You could be one of our two winners who will each receive a $50 PurelyAlpaca gift certificate, and the accolades of other online shoppers for your creativity/fashion/art!  

To enter, act fast! Submit your photo by Friday, December 12th to photocontest@purelyalpaca.com


Our Superwarm Alpaca Socks have been all over the world. Ocean Science Missions in the Arctic and Antarctic, Dog Sledding in Alaska, Ice Fishing and even our really cold offices in San Diego :)

Our fashion accessories keep you warm and wonderful in cold settings. 

Our alpaca throws are cuddle-warm in front of the fire on a cold evening. 

Your outdoor sports are now much more fun while wearing the warmth of alpaca!

And so on, and so on. We're looking for YOUR creative images! 

By sending in your photo you are giving us permission to use your photo, first name and state on our website, social media, email ads etc...

Questions? Just ask! photocontest@purelyalpaca.com

New Chat Widget Makes Alpaca Gift Shopping Easier

alpaca shopping chat helperWe added this new chat widget recently for our shoppers to ask us in-the-moment questions. It has quickly proven itself useful for our shoppers and quite eye opening for us! 

Lessons learned so far:
* chats teach us about what works and doesn't
* customers discuss issues of the moment
* we learn of changes to make to the site
* customers really like the immediate feedback
* we can adjust things on the fly while shopper online
* we've made more sales by answering immediate questions

We look forward to the upcoming very busy shopping season and using this new customer service tool!



PurelyAlpaca Supports American Alpaca Farms

PurelyAlpaca is proud to support American alpaca farms through offering alpaca farm made products. 

"Alpaca is a wonderful natural fiber that needs to be shared" says Brian, owner of PurelyAlpaca.com

We love to offer products developed by American alpaca farms. See the current collection here:




We also offer an Alpaca Artists Showcase where creative alpaca focused artists have a venue to sell their art. 

It's a dynamic and frequently changing Collection on PurelyAlpaca. 

Check it out here: http://purelyalpaca.com/collections/artist-showcase



Check them out on www.PurelyAlpaca.com




"Hey, you guys should carry this?"

alpaca joe

Is there an alpaca product you know of that we should offer? 

We're alpaca addicts and love to promote alpaca in any way we can. New products, new ideas, new campaigns? We're all (warm and fuzzy) ears! :) 

Drop us a line... if we get it and sell it you might just get a free one with our thanks! 


Check them out on http://www.PurelyAlpaca.com




Fall 2014 Grand Opening of New Purely Alpaca Shopping Cart!

** Yea!! A new look after 12 years!
We are excited to announce the
Fall 2014 Grand Opening of New Purely Alpaca Shopping Cart!
Lots of new Alpaca Products!
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