FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions about shopping PurelyAlpaca

  1. Are your alpaca products Made in the USA?
  2. Are alpacas harmed to make alpaca garments?
  3. CATALOG: Do you have a print catalog?
  4. Is baby alpaca from babies?
  5. Are alpaca products durable?
  6. What if I or my gift recipient do not like the alpaca product?
  7. Will alpaca fade or bleed?
  8. SIZE CHART: Do you have a size chart for the clothing?
  9. SHIPPING: How long will it take to receive my alpaca gifts order?
  10. SHIPPING COST: How much will it cost to ship my order?
  11. INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING: Will you ship to my country? How much will it cost?
  12. Will my dog eat my alpaca teddy bear?
  13. Why Buy Alpaca Products?
  14. Does PurelyAlpaca support Fair Trade?
  15. CARE: How do I wash alpaca?
  16. Shrunk your favorite alpaca sweater?
  17. Wondering if you can unfelt alpaca?
  18. RETURNS? See the Purely Alpaca PurelyPerfect returns promise!
  19. WHOLESALE: Do you WHOLESALE alpaca products?
  20. Where can I find the warmest alpaca socks?
  21. On Alpaca Blankets and Alpaca Throws, which do you recommend?
  22. Can you suggest a perfect alpaca gift for me?
  23. How do I assure your alpaca gloves or alpaca hat will fit?
  24. Alpaca Repair Service: Can you fix this heirloom alpaca item? 
  25. Does PurelyAlpaca have a Web Affiliate Program?
  26. Does PurelyAlpaca buy alpaca fiber from alpaca farms?

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Follow these steps:
1) Stretch your alpaca sweater (or your alpaca socks) by soaking the garment in a tub of gentle hair conditioner and lukewarm water.
2) Do not wring the sweater, but after draining the tub, press the sweater against the side of the tub to drain the excess water.
3) Remove the garment and lay it flat on a very thick, very absorbent clean white towel.  
4) Use another towel to blot away the excess water.  
5) Gently pull the sweater into the desired shape
6) Let the sweater air dry flat.
See above for proper care of your alpaca garment to prevent shrinking.  
The answer is MAYBE.   We found some instructions here.  Fingers crossed!  
Wholesale alpaca minimums are reasonable and allow for small stores to test out our wholesale products in their business.
Our open wholesale product return promise is rarely needed by our alpaca retailer customers the easy return promise which allows them to purchase larger orders, knowing unsold items can be returned with no problem. Take a look at www.ChoiceAlpacaProducts.com for more info on wholesale alpaca offerings. 

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