Designed by alpaca fiber artist Andrea

THE SHADES OF GRAY SCARF. Knitted light gray alpaca yarn, gray and black polyester faux fur, handmade wrap, gift for her, winter wear, a must have.  

This gorgeous, handmade winter scarf, will add an elegant touch to any attire. Since is so warm, it is a must to have for the winter season, it would be an excellent choice to become that special gift for Christmas or any occasion.

This beautiful scarf was made with 2 threads of 100% light gray Peruvian baby alpaca yarn, and polyester yarn that looks and feels like fur (grey and black). The gray alpaca yarn, and the polyester faux fur were knitted to create the scarf. The sides were crocheted with the polyester yarn giving that fur looks, the ends were embellished with twisted fringes.


  • Width: 9.5 In
  • Length (without the fringes): 80 In
  • Fringes: 7 In
  • Total length including fringes in both sides: 94 In
  • Weight: 9.8Oz



    • Hand wash in cold water using a mild detergent or hair rinse, rinse, don't twist or wring, roll in a towel to get the excess of water, lay flat to dry.

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