THE COLORFUL LLIKLLA (Quechua for shawl)

Designed by alpaca fiber artist Andrea

  1. THE COLORFUL LLIKLLA (Quechua for shawl).
  2. Prize winner handmade rigid heddle loom, alpaca and multi fibers, colors brick, yellow, white, purple and others, weaving shawl. 
I made the rectangular shawl in a rigid heddle loom. The design is 37 steps using different types of fibers like alpaca, mohair, wool, polyester, merino, and acrylic. The colors of the yarns were white, yellow, purple, pink, brown, and orange, each of them with different textures.   The Techniques used were claspt wefts, picking up loops, and Danish medallions with beads. It can be worn as a wide and long scarf as a pashmina scarf.

  • Width: 13.4 inches - 34 cms
  • Length (from beginning to end): 79.1 inches - 201 cms (fringes not included)
  • Fringes: 7 inches -18 cms
  • Size: Small-Medium
  • Material: alpaca, merino, acrylic, polyester, silk flowers, wool, and mohair
  • Colors: I called brick, orange, brown, white, purple, and more.
  • Embellishment: beads, silk flowers, and different stitches used to make the shawl one-of-a-kind
  • Weight: 13.70 oz - 388.40 grams

CARE: Hand washes in tap/cold water with a mild detergent or hair rinse, don't twist or wring, roll in a towel to get the excess of water, lay flat to dry.
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