The Blue Ribbon Alpaca

A delightful, beautifully illustrated, hard cover children's book.

The Blue Ribbon Alpaca is the first, hard cover, fully illustrated childrens' alpaca book.

"A beautiful gift. The illustrations are awesome."

36 pages. Dimensions: 10 1/2" x 9 1/4"


In Josephine's herd winning is everything. But all that matters to Josephine is the love of the children who own her. A love she believes must be earned by winning a blue ribbon. Yet Josephine is never given the opportunity to compete in an alpaca show. Unaware of her spectacular fleece, she is puzzled when the other alpacas begin to tease her. Josephine is convinced she is no longer wanted. In a desperate attempt to prove her worth, Josephine finds the true meaning of love.

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