Mary's Amazing Alpaca POOP Plant Fertilizer

Yep! You read that right, we're selling alpaca poo, crap, Caca, sh**! 

But after you stop laughing, read on. Our plants are LOVING it!

ALPACA POO is a WONDERFUL fertilizer, and Mary's Alpaca Poo is extra special... 

Meet Mary’s Alpaca Poop+ Pods, a specially formulated breakthrough in natural, healthy, organic plant care. 


Alpaca manure has the highest and best-balanced nutritional content of any livestock manure. In fact, horticulturists call this manure "black gold".

Alpacas digest their food for up to 63 hours. The result is a complete digestion of food.

Mary's Organic Alpaca Poop Plant Food Fertilizer comes from lush pastures in Northern Virginia, where protein content regularly reaches 25% or higher.

Added in is a supplement of quality orchard grass, alfalfa, and grain formulations. Add fungi and yucca for root enhancement and solubility and you have a custom artisan blend of the best plant fertilizer available on the planet.  

Mary's Alpaca Poop+ is rich in organics and micro nutrients for a completely balanced meal that is immediately absorbed.

  • Efficient. Water and feed your plants in one clean, easy-to-use application
  • Safe. Absolutely safe for kids and pets. More than just convenient; it's made for your home.
  • Organic. Alpaca manure is proven to be the best organic fertilizer 
  • Clean. 100% free of parasites, weed seeds and harmful pathogens found in raw manure
  • Odorless. Clean, no mess, no smell. Won't attract insects or pests
  • Easy. No Risk of over dosing your plants. Great to start seedlings too
  • Preventative. Plants are disease-resistant. Everyone is a pro with Poop+
  • Balanced. Macro/micronutrients. All the nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium/potash (roughly 2:3:2 NPK). Teeming with beneficial microorganisms.
  • Plus. Specially composted Alpaca manure + Mycorrrhizal fungi and Yucca blended to create Poop+.  Patent Pending.
I drop a Poop+POD into my watering-can and let it dissolve. Stir vigorously after a few minutes. Some sudsing is normal (and fun to watch).When you see a residue on the top of the water - it’s fully hydrated and ready for your plants!” — Mary F

Product Size: 10 PooP+ Pods; makes 10 Gallons of nutritious Plant Food


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