Inga 100% Alpaca Scarf

INGA 100% Alpaca Scarf High quality luxurious alpaca scarves from INGA alpaca of Ecuador is made by hand with all natural colors. A high luxury item, these scarves are sure to please as an excellent example of quality alpaca.

INGA Alpaca is a small family run alpaca farm and alpaca products manufacturer located in the country of Ecuador. Their farm, in operation since 2000 is located on a small mountain called "El Inga", at 11,000 feet (3,400 m) on the eastern ridges of the Ecuadorian highlands.

Formerly a cattle farm, INGA slowly surmounted the challenges of raising alpacas in such a harsh and predator prone environment to a herd of more then 900 head of alpaca living in an organic and self sustainable farm.

Today INGA manufactures 100% pure Alpaca yarn as well as knitted alpaca products. Beautiful pieces are made by local artisans, reviving ancestral techniques going back to the Incan empire.

INGA works closely with artisans, helping them keep traditions alive while supporting remote family communities.

INGA alpaca does not dye or treat the alpaca wool. Fleece is carefully handpicked in the highest quality control so that the natural color end products are worthy of the finest retailers in the USA and Europe.

Ecuador Alpaca Research Trip
Images include shots of INGA Alpaca manufacturing equipment.

Materials: 100% Natural Colored Baby Alpaca

Size: 64" x 10"

Colors: (L to R) Raw Beige, Nutmeg Brown, Pewter Grey Light

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