Hand Made Alpaca Dryer Balls - Set of 3

All Natural Alpaca Dryer Balls – Good for your Health! 

Commercial dryer sheets are expensive and could be causing these unpleasant and even dangerous symptoms.

Dryer sheets are designed to stay on clothing for a long period of time and slowly release their chemicals throughout the day and night, which leads to prolonged exposure to toxic chemicals.

Commercial dryer sheets are bad for you, your family and the environment. Some of the chemical compounds in dryer sheets are known carcinogens. They can trigger...

  • Asthma attacks
  • Headaches
  • Skin irritation
  • Difficulty in breathing
  • Blood pressure reduction
  • Nervous system disorders

Not only are Alpaca Dryer Balls good at eliminating static & wrinkles on your clothes, but using them also cuts down on drying time. Based on results from our satisfied customers, they are finding them an extremely economical alternative to chemically treated dryer sheets and fabric softeners.

Breathe easier knowing you've eliminated the harmful chemicals found in dryer sheets and fabric softeners.

Learn more from this article on the dangers of dryer sheets.

Your clothes will feel soft again and have that “fresh smell” as if they dried on the clothesline, the method used by your parents.

  • Hand-made With 100% Felted Alpaca Fiber
  • Replaces Chemically Treated Dryer Sheets
  • Eliminates The Need For Fabric Softeners
  • Dries Clothes Faster With Less Heat
  • Eliminates The Chemical Build-up On Your Lint Filter
  • Reusable - Thousands Of Loads Of Laundry
  • Clothes Come Out Extremely Soft
  • Hypoallergenic And Contains No Lanolin
  • Resistant To Odors, Staining, And Moisture
  • Keep 3 - 5 In The Clothes Dryer For Repeated Use
  • Economical Way To Remove Static
  • Flame Retardant

Hand made with 100% Alpaca fiber from an alpaca farm. The fiber is first sorted, cleaned, and made into fiber balls, then it is felted to hold it shape. Keep the balls in the dryer at all times ready for your next wash. The continuous use will keep the balls felted.

“I got my first set of “Alpaca Dryer Balls” as a Christmas present in 2013. They still reside in my dryer and still remove static with every load, even 18 months later.” - Susan L., Bonita, CA

“Love the Dryer Balls” and love the fact that they are 100% reusable and all natural.” - Stacey B., Minocqua, WI

"After just one use, I noticed that my towels were softer and my lingerie glided over my skin with no static. I became sold and purchased several more sets to give as gifts.” - Wendy K., La Quinta, CA

“Using “Alpaca Dryer Balls” sure beats using fabric softener... After purchasing my first set, I decided to buy 8 sets more to give as ‘Hostess’ gifts. My friends just LOVE them!” - Pam B., Desert Hot Springs, CA

Hand made by a USA small alpaca farm from their alpaca fiber! 

Suggested use: use up to 3 dryer balls at a time per load. Can be used over and over again!    

Alpaca Dryer Balls make an excellent alpaca gift for friends and family! 


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