Bolivian Brushed Pattern Full Fingered Alpaca Gloves

These alpaca gloves are delightfully soft both in look and feel. Funky fun. Simple elegance. A soft and warm rustic glove. 

Most of these hand made alpaca gloves come in women's size medium but are flexible to fit a wide range of hands. Let us know in the comments if you need a larger or smaller size. 

alpaca peru native knitting alpaca fingerless glovesThey are handmade in Andean communities which are often set in beautiful locations at altitudes of 12,000+ feet. People there live a primitive existence in harmony with nature and alpacas. There is not a great need for money, therefore sale prices are low. In contast, machine spun alpaca costs significantly more. We purchase these alpaca gloves under Fair Trade conditions from local knitters.


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