Apocheta Cebra Listada Hand Woven Alpaca Scarf


PurelyAlpaca is pleased to present a new line of unique designer alpaca products from Apocheta Artisan Designs. Since its first days in 2002, PurelyAlpaca.com has searched worldwide for new and unique examples of quality products made form alpaca fiber which supports North American or Indigenous South American alpaca farmers.

 Apocheta Artisan Designs offers Fair Trade, Hand Woven designer alpaca creations from one of the most unforgiving environments on Earth. Deep in the Peruvian Highlands, an ancient fiber weaving tradition is kept alive. Passed from mother to daughter, generation to generation, these highly skilled alpaca weavers use the finest alpaca to produce quality products for the modern eco-conscious western consumer.

Western market buyers and designers follow fair trade standards, providing respectable employment and empowerment to the mostly female weavers in the fiber co-op. With a fair market secured, these weavers are able to hand craft the alpaca textiles used by internationally acclaimed designers to produce the quality unique items offered here.

Your purchase from the Apocheta line supports Fair Trade and promotes the luxury that is alpaca to all who see or better yet touch!

This Item: Apocheta Cebra Listada Hand Woven Alpaca Scarf

Size: 11 x 69"

Materials: 100% Baby Alpaca

Color: Blue-Olive


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