Alpaca Neoprene Bottle Buddy

Since your children’s water bottle go everywhere you go, make them easier to carry with our bottle buddies. Made to hold any standard sized water bottle, the adjustable strap allows kiddos of any height to carry their own bottle. And in a variety of cute characters, they’ll actually want to.

  • FREE UP HANDS: Parents really need more hands to carry everything kids require while on the go, but these bottle buddies help free up your hands. That’s something to clap about.
  • DURABLE: 90% neoprene and 10% polyester can take whatever your toddler tosses at it … or if your toddler literally tosses their bottle buddy. And they probably will.
  • ADJUSTABLE STRAP: Whether Mom, one of the kids, or the stroller handle ends up toting the bottle buddy, the 51” adjustable strap ensures it’s never too long.
  • FITS MOST BOTTLES: At 7” W x 2.75” L, our bottle buddies hold most standard sized, reusable water bottles

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