Alpaca Bear OOAK Hand Crafted

Yes, that is the correct price!

Michele's bears are OOAK (One Of A Kind) creations which generally sell in the region of $450 - $500 on collectors sites.

Meet the Artist - Michele Partridge

Michele is a soft sculpture artist with years of experience practicing her art from home in a small rural village in Lincolnshire, UK

Michele works on one bear at a time it takes her about 3 - 4 weeks to complete each one.  Therefore every bear that she creates is an individual work of art. She never makes the same bear twice and generally makes what she likes, not taking orders.  Her bears have traveled all over the globe and have become very popular with her collective audience that she has accrued over the 16 years of making them.

Premium Materials in Each Unique Bear

The materials used are the best Original German Schulte Alpaca Fabric and also Japanese Alpaca which is 100% alpaca - she also uses cashmere material for the paws and each paw is carefully sculpted to give an appearance of fingers and toes - these bears are 5 way jointed and heavily weighted - filled with polyester and also using the best English Glass Custom Painted eyes.  The jointing system consists of a wobble joint in the head and the limbs have nut & bolt joints in them.

The sizes of bears varies from 11 inches up to 16 inches.

Besides the artistic beauty of these bears one of the more striking aspects is that these "fur" bears are not made from pelts! The material is an alpaca woven "fur" which is lush, dense and not made from pelts. The alpaca fur material is very expensive (approx $265 per metre) made in Germany by Steiff Schulte from top quality baby alpaca fiber. There is a 1" length to to the fur itself on the bear.

Gabriel - he is made from chocolate brown alpaca his height is 15 inches and he is 5 way jointed - nice and heavily weighted - Gabriel has sculpted paws made from long faux cashmere -  his eyes are English Glass Dark Topaz which have suede white accents behind them - he has a perle cotton embroidered nose.  He wears a dreamcatcher and a nice organza ribbon to finish him off.
Gabriel is in stock for immediate shipping directly from the artist in the UK

Ariel - the Angel bear she is 11 inches tall made from Finest Schulte Alpaca in Ivory she has magnetic feather wings and pink sculpted faux cashmere paws - she is 5 way jointed with nut & not joints in limbs and a wobble neck joint in head to give her that realistic movement - her eyes are deep purple sparkle custom painted with white accents .....she is wearing a pendant around her neck.
Ariel can be ordered with expected creation and delivery in 6 weeks.

Though Michele has never had this occur, anything PurelyAlpaca offers is fully refundable.

A truly special alpaca creation. You will love these bears for life!


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