Natural Alpaca Bed Pillows

Natural Alpaca Bed Pillows For Healthy Living and Sleeping

PurelyAlpaca is pleased to offer this unique find... 100% Natural Alpaca Bed Pillows from Malpaca®!

Malpaca® Pillows was just voted best natural Hypoallergenic pillow made in America!

Why Natural Alpaca Pillows?

Alpaca is a unique fiber unlike sheep’s wool, that has a medullated core, making it dust mite resistant and hypo-allergenic for even the serious allergy sufferer. 

Link: Why Use Alpaca?

Why Organic Fabric?

Even though a fabric says “natural” it is most likely grown and processed with chemicals. Natural cotton is one of the highest sprayed crops grown. Organic certifies no toxic chemicals or pesticides were used or detected while being grown and harvested, and can include processing.   

Link: Why Viscose Organic Bamboo As our Pillow Cover Fabric? 

Why "Non-Toxic" Pillows?

Toxic Chemicals are added to bedding for fire protection, bug deterrent, and anti-bacterial properties, causing unsafe and allergy reactions.  Since you spend 1/3 of your life sleeping, this "protective" measure can be accomplished naturally & safely by choosing alpaca and all organic materials.

Link: Why Organic Bedding?

Size:  Standard, Queen, King, & Euro 

Standard size - 19” x 27” weighing 3-4 lbs.
Queen size - 19” x 30” weighing 4-5 lbs.
King size - 19” x 35” weighing 5-6 lbs.
Euro size - 30” x 30” weighing 6-8 lbs.

Travel size - 16" x 12" weighing 2 lbs. (Please select "Travel Fill" for the Travel size)

Fill: – Light, Medium, Full
The light fills are about 4” in height, the medium fills 5”, and full fills 6”.

Fill Material: 100% alpaca

Light fill - best for younger children or for adults who prefer a flatter softer pillow.
Medium fill - preferred by most.
Full fill - the most full and firm support, great for the snorer who needs to be elevated, and also - popular in King Full size among our expecting mothers who like a supportive & safe body pillow.

Fabric:  Malpaca® pillows are offered in a bamboo blend soft & pliable fabric cover of 100% Viscose Organic Bamboo, and are OCIA International Organic Certified.

Care is simple: To clean & deodorize, place in sunshine a few hours. Yes, this really works!

Much like down feathers that occasionally sneak through the fabric covering it, you may see some natural shedding occur with the alpaca pillow. No worries, there's plenty inside!

To protect the pillow from soiling, we suggest covering the pillow with an all natural fabric blend pillow case, and preferably organic. This is extremely important to allow the fiber inside to breathe and perform.

Shipped separately, directly from manufacturer. 

Sorry, this item only is available to USA customers. 

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