Adult Brushed Knit Alpaca Chullo with Ear Flaps

Knit alpaca chullos ("Choy-ohs") with ear flaps are great for staying warm and looking cool. Great on the slopes, a perfect ski hat or snowboarding hat. Stylish South American design. Each of these alpaca hats has a unique, varied patterns.

Size is generally medium though they do "give" a bit and fit a lot of different heads.

The Adult Brushed Knit Alpaca Chullo with Ear Flaps are handmade in Andean alpaca communities (Peru, Bolivia) which are often set in beautiful locations at altitudes of 12,000+ feet. People there live a primitive existence in harmony with nature and alpacas. There is not a great need for money, sale prices are low. In contrast machine spun alpaca can cost significantly more. We purchase these under Fair Trade conditions from local knitters (see our articles link for details).

Colors and design vary quite a bit in these hand made unique alpaca chullo hats. Please select desired main color from available options using the selection below.

Materials: 100% Alpaca

Care: This all natural item is best washed by hand. We recommend using actual hair shampoo and maybe conditioner if you like. Wear it into the shower!  :) 
Roll in towel to absorb rinse water then air dry.

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