Designed by alpaca fiber artist Andrea

THE SILVER BLUE ALPACA FINGERLESS GLOVES.  Fingerless gloves, women's fingerless gloves, crochet fingerless gloves, handmade fingerless gloves. 

This pair of gorgeous fingerless gloves are functional and stylish. Besides being worn to keep the hands warm in winter, they are needing to drive, to use your cell phone, or to work on a tablet or laptop, you won't need to remove them.

This beautiful pair of fingerless gloves were crocheted of silver-blue Peruvian baby alpaca yarn, added to the borders rows of polyester faux fur. A crochet flower embellished the top of the mitten. Besides looking gorgeous, they are scrumptious soft to the touch, they will keep your hand and wrists very warm.


  • Length (from top to bottom of the mitten): 9 1/2 In
  • Circumference in palm area: 9 In
  • Wrist: 10 In
  • Bottom: 11 In
  • Technique: Crochet
  • Material: 80% Peruvian baby alpaca yarn, polyester faux fur
  • Color: Silver blue
  • Weight: 2.36 oz


  • Hand- wash in cold/tap water using a mild detergent or hair rinse, rinse in cold/tap water, don't twist or wring, roll in a towel to get the excess of water, lay flat to dry.

All my products are handmade by me with care and special attention to detail.

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