American Home Handwoven Alpaca Rugs

Beautiful handwoven alpaca rugs made in the USA from American alpaca fiber.

These rugs will become an heirloom, treasured for their beauty and durability.

The alpaca fiber is spun around a jute core, which given the rug years of durability and also has the advantage of being reversible. Since the fiber has its natural color, it resists fading and wear and also provides sound proofing.

Enjoy years of durability with these unique naturally colored alpaca rugs.

We've had these in our house for over 12 years! They've put up with a lot of use and frankly abuse in multiple homes, moves and spills. After all these years they still look FANTASTIC!  Gosh, one was hung on a porch railing during a move, fell off onto the ground and sat in the dirt and mud for a month. We discovered it, washed it and use it on our wood floor. It looks great!

Materials: 100% alpaca held with jute 
Spot clean with warm water and mild soap.
The entire surface may be shampooed if necessary with a Woolite rug cleaner or the whole rug can be washed in a tub with hair shampoo. See our CARE FAQ.

Please select the specific one you like.

Free domestic shipping on this item when combined with anything else bringing your order up to $100 or more. 

This is a SPECIAL product you can be proud of! 

See this video about the founder of the tiny rug making company in Paint Rock, TX 

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