Top Quality Lanart Classic Alpaca Teddy Bears 9"


How do you know you have a great quality stuffed animal? SQUEEZE it. When you squeeze and get a soft, smooth compression, without cracking, you know it's top quality.

Lanart produces the world's best alpaca teddy bears. These are quality, quality, quality!

Meant to last many years, these bears are soft, unique, cuddly and gorgeous!

They make a truly special lasting gift. You will just luv 'em!

9" Classic bears are shown here. From the Available Options selection, you can see which ones are currently available.

Our selection of these one of a kind unique bears changes rapidly. Since each bear is painstakingly hand made from natural materials, each is unique.

Select the desired bear color below. Quickly, before it walks off to someone else's home!

For children 3 and up.

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