Saint Patrick's Irish Alpaca Socks

May the Luck of the Alpaca be with You these cute alpaca themed St Patrick's Day socks!

Cute Crew or "No-show" height socks featuring our favorite camelid and celebrating Saint Patrick's Day. 

What makes alpacas so lucky? We do! On family run farms throughout the country alpacas are blessed:

  • Alpacas spend all day hanging out with friends and family.
  • Or they can wonder off and do their own thing if needed.
  • People gawk at their cute faces and gestures.
  • Everyone plays "PRONK" at the end of the day as the humans watch!
  • They are safe and protected on their little loving family farms.
  • They get 1 hair cut a year. And perhaps their nails done.

In life, always be yourself... unless you can be an Alpaca!

May the luck of the alpaca smile on you!

Size: Stretchiness gives them a good range to fit most women with shoes 5-9

Care: Normal laundry wash cold, light dry. 

Materials: Polyester 99% (not alpaca), Spandex 1%. Imported.

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