Colorful Alpaca Blend Full Fingered Knit Alpaca Gloves

Bright, colorful and warm alpaca blend knit full fingered alpaca gloves for the perfect bold color accent. The special mix of alpaca and acrylic yields comfort, alpaca warmth and a nice colorful shine.

These alpaca gloves become a huge hit!

We were shocked to see how well these thin yet comfortable and warm Colorful Full Fingered Knit Alpaca Gloves have been received. We keep ordering more but keep selling out. It seems that at least a few purchasers of these warm alpaca gloves are using them inside other gloves. What a great idea? Wear the thick nylon coated snow gloves with these more simple elegant gloves inside... then when going indoors, if it's still cold, just take off the outer glove and enjoy these more nimble thinner knit ones. See our full fingerless alpaca gloves too for another option.

A unisex item, this knit style will give to fit most (including mens) hands most comfortably. We've seen them on women's and men's large hands.

Materials: 50% Baby Alpaca, 50% Acrylic

Available for immediate delivery in colors listed in selection pulldown.

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