Alpaca Plush Cushion - Little Odd Forest


We LOVE Alpacas and over at the little odd forest they do too!! Please do not mistake them for Llamas; Alpacas are much smaller and cuter in appearance! 

Use this rad plush cushion on your chair or couch for that extra comfy-ness when lounging around! This handmade Alpaca plush cushion is a simple yet lovely way of decorating your home with a statement. It will bring a smile to not only your face but your guests too!

One-of-a-kind individuals!
Every Alpaca will differ slightly from one another, and from that shown in photo.

Learn more about the Little Odd Forest.

Styles/Colors: Bashful (Pink), Choco (Chocolate Brown), Gray (Gray), Sandy (Tan)

Materials: These handmade plush cushions are made of fleece, plush felt fabric, and filled with stuffing. There will be slight variations in the shape and details of the cushions, as each cushion is sewn individually.

Size: This Alpaca is approximately 17” tall and 9” broad.


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