Braided Alpaca Mini-Rug

Reminiscent of classic country Braided rugs, these Braided Alpaca mini-rugs provide a classical country charm to your home.

Measures vary slightly with a range of 10" x 16" x 3/8" they are made of 2/3's alpaca yarn combined with 1/3 recycled fabric to create the colorful braided design.

These mini-rugs can be used in lots of ways:

  • Classic Americana style dinner placemat
  • Table pad for hot dishes
  • Small cute entry way rug for bedroom, kids room
  • Small cushioning rug for at the kitchen sink
  • Roll up and take to the kids ball game. Great on cold metal benches!
  • Rugged solid "doily" for a classic American look
  • Robust plant stand for your wood floors
  • Table top, coffee table styling
  • Art base for your creative classic Americana folk display

Available in Brown, Fawn or White base colors.

Made in the USA from USA grown alpaca!


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